Hi again!

Hi again!

#100 [english version]

“Hello readers … here speaks Blog”. This was the title of our first blog post, which was published on January 8th, 2013. Since then much has changed concerning the layout as well as content. On the occasion of our 100th article *, and for the many new readers we could win, we will introduce you to our platform SellNews and this blog again.


sellnews-blogSellNews Blog: From citizen journalism to photography

I write for this blog since December 2013; my debut was in #6. The article was about Rob Ford, the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, and the question of whether he was the victim of citizen journalists.
Articles around the topic of “citizen journalism” (Bürgerjournalismus) followed at irregular intervals and the difficulty was to communicate a clear definition of the term for the German speaking countries. The English term “citizen journalism” poses a less elitist connotation than “Bürgerjournalismus”, which is probably due to the history of the “Bürgertum” (bourgeoisie). In fact, the more appropriate English translation of the German “Bürgerjournalismus” is “grassroots journalism”.

Meanwhile, we focus our attention to the subject of photography in the age of iPhone and Instagram. And because new mediums of communication create new problems, we spend lots of time on educating our readers about “image rights”.
We are glad and grateful for the interviewees who liked SellNews and shared their insights and expierences with our readers.
We hope to provide our Non-German-Fans with more posts in English soon. You can find them here >


Sell News: The platform for photos and videos

Where does the name SellNews come from? The answer is simple: This blog is maintained and written by the young team of the German company SellNews.
Under www.sell-news.com we operate an auction platform for photos and videos. That probably sounds unfamiliar but the process is simple: Register, upload photos or videos, make money. And since the uploaded images are automatically provided with a watermark, you must not worry about image thieves.




Lately, we relaunched our platform. Besides a more intuitive structure and optimization for mobile devices, new features like an intelligent search and automatic tags were implemented.


Who is “we”?

To get to know the faces behind SellNews, simply click on the Sell News button in the top navigation bar. Here you will find both photos as well as videos.
Actually, I would have liked to present you a current team photo, but as always, everyone took flight at the word “photo”. In the end only our office mascots Kenzo and Lazy remained still. 😉





*Whoever makes the effort, will quickly realize that there are more articles. 😉