Photoblog News

Photoblog News

Dear reader,


Welcome (again) to our blog! Due to your request our site will now provide you with the latest photography news in English.


In case you already follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you are already familiar with our new section title: The Daily Photog.

What does it mean, you might wonder? Well, at some point we had to come up with a good hashtag that is not overused like #photography. So we decided to choose “photog”, slang for photographer, and combine it with “daily” because we were posting daily on our social networks. (Besides, it sounds a bit like “Daily Planet”, doesn’t it? And everyone wants to feel like Superman sometimes!)


The one big question that should not be left unanswered is: Why should you, yes you, read this particular blog? We do not pretend to be better than the rest, our news are not the newest, and we definitely are not the most eloquent. But we do have a rare unicorn working in our writing team! (Okay, forget that poor joke.) However, there is not much advertising going on our site. So we are not distracting your eyes like so many other sites. Actually, the only product we are advertising is SellNews itself. Did you know that we have an auctioning platform for photos and videos? You can earn money with your smartphone photos, just upload and wait for an offer. And it is totally free – like this blog!


At this point you probably identified the writer of these sentences as a non-native speaker. Sorry for any grammatical errors. They are my special gift to you.


Kind regards,

Rosie from SellNews