A Devastated Bride, Mouth-Watering Foodscapes & Hasselblad Master 2016

A Devastated Bride, Mouth-Watering Foodscapes & Hasselblad Master 2016

crystal-261334_640Topic: Better Read Some Reviews Before Buying A Camera

Nowadays few people just walk into a store to buy a good camera. And when they do, they most likely did some reasearch beforehand and probably decided to help the local shop owner by not buying online.

There is a good reason for not giving in to impulse buying, even if you are in a great hurry and the price is just too good to ignore.

A british web designer learned this bitter lesson when looking at the photos taken on her honeymoon in Brazil. She had bought her discounted Polaroid IE826 digital camera at Argos because of its, supposedly, acceptable specifications. Well, 18 megapixel and 8x optical zoom is more than most smartphones have to offer, right?

A short glance at customer reviews on Amazon.com reveals that the IE826 is, actually, not the best camera for snapshots since the slightest movement makes the outcome blurry. The same thing that happened to the honeymoon photographs.

It is a pity that Polaroid (other well-known companies, too) obviously produce low-end cameras that are worse than older models. Especially in cases like this. [1]


carlwarnerPhotography: Carl Warner Is The Master Of Food Photography By Creating Beautiful “Foodscapes”

CNN delighted us with an article on Carl Warner’s “Foodscapes”. The London-based photographer creates landscape photos made of food. Just imagine Giuseppe Arcimboldo with a mix of “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2” – it is more than amazing. It’s, well, mouth-watering. Check out Warner’s website carlwarner.com and fall in love with the Candy Cottage! [2]


T4KC3Tech: 16 Megapixel CMOS Sensor For Smartphones

On July 16th Toshiba Corporation announced the launch of “T4KC3”, a 16 megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor. It is supposed to be the world’s smallest class 16MP chip with lower power consumption.

The T4KC3 enables HD video capture at 240fps and quick focusing with Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF). [3]


2012_Hasselblad-Masters_EvokeCompetition: Vote For The Hasselblad Masters 2016

Hasselblad just opened public voting for Hasselblad Masters 2016. While the competition is open to only professionals who have been active for more than three years, young photographers under the age of 21 had the chance to submit their work in the Project//21 category.

The other categories in this competition are “Art”, “Landscape/Nature”, “Wedding”, “Portrait”, “Fashion/Beauty”, “Products”, “Architecture”, “Wildlife” and the new category “Street/Urban”.

The Hasselblad Masters 2016 will be announced next year on February 16th. In addition to being an elite Hasselblad master, the winners will receive a brand new high-end medium format Hasselblad camera. [4]




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