The Culture Of Photography, Moto G And Xperia M5 Cameras, Ruben Espinosa & YouTube

The Culture Of Photography, Moto G And Xperia M5 Cameras, Ruben Espinosa & YouTube

zoomWebsite: Zoom – A New Photography Blog Dedicated To The Culture Of Photography

Time has its LightBox, The New York Times has its Lens. I am talking about photography blogs very few online publications run despite the great potential visual journalism has to offer.

For people like us, who are interested in photography, it then was good news when The Washington Post announced In Sight, a photo blog curated by Nicole Crowder. What about non-U.S. news outlets?

The Guradian has a great photography blog when it comes to current debates from the world of photography. And because we are talking about a British newspaper you should expect some provocation, especially when written by Jonathan Jones. In Germany you should look out for „Fotostrecken“ (photo galleries) by Spiegel Online and Stern. The latter even has its own photo community (VIEW Fotocommunity) and a great monthly print magazine called VIEW.

Now there is a new kid calling for your attention. His name is Zoom and his father is the Tages -Anzeiger, a daily newspaper published in Switzerland. The layout reminds me of Lens and therefore it is no problem navigating the website. And since photography is a universal language, you do not need to take German lessons in order to understand. Besides there being a great tool called Google Translate. 😉 [1]


Tech: The New Camera Of The Moto G (3rd Gen.)

Whenever there is a new smartphone, someone will certainly write a review on its camera features – of course, compared to the newest iPhone model. We read iPhone 6 versus Samsung S6 articles, comparisons between LG G4 and the iPhone 6, and even mid-range smartphones like the Moto G are viewed through the Apple lens.

Heise Online reviewed the Motorala Moto G a while ago and concluded it is too much like the iPhone. In terms of restrictions. That does not mean the camera is bad. It actually has 13 megapixel, which means 5 megapixel more than the 2nd Generation. And the results are very good for a mid-ranger as you can see on the website. What you do not get is a 16:9 ratio – in order to fill the whole screen you will need to choose 9,7 megapixels instead. (Samsung S4 users do know this dilemma.)

And then there is the MicroSD issue: The Moto G only supports FAT32. Most probably you do not care and should not care. But if you do, well, you can still choose another smartphone. [2]


xperia-m5-gold-1280x840.jpg-683013dca1c4f71783a7cd2ec24354f4Tech: Sony Xperia M5 Is All About The Megapixels

When the smartphone camera is everything you care about in a phone, you can always count on Sony. Even in the dumb phone era Sony’s cameras were superb. So expectations are high when Sony introduces a new smartphone.

The new Xperia M5 is made for all selfie-lovers who suffer from low-qualitiy front cameras. It is not only equipped with a 13 megapixel front-facing camera but also with a 21,5 megapixel main camera. The 2,600 mAh should be good enough to get through the day even if longer photo sessions are planned. [3]


Topic: Photojournalist Killed In Mexico City

Veracruz is probably the most dangerous state in the world if you are a news reporter, with 11 journalists killed since 2010 inside its borders. The latest victim is Ruben Espinosa, although he was killed while hiding in Mexico City.

The news photographer himself often stated that he was harassed for his press coverage in Veracruz and finally fled the state in June, after being followed by people.

Espinosa was not the only victim of the alleged robbery. Three women who lived in the same apartment and the housekeeper were also killed. [4]


App: Watching Vertical Videos On YouTube Is No Longer Annoying – On Android

The latest update of YouTube for Android comes with a useful feature. Vertical videos can now be displayed in full mode. Great thing if your friends and relatives still have not figured out how to hold their smartphone while recording. (Maybe one of these video clips will help.)

What about a new feature that tells you beforehand if the shared video is worth watching? [5]











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