The Price Of A Super Bowl Ad, Sunburned Photographs & The Downside Of HD

The Price Of A Super Bowl Ad, Sunburned Photographs & The Downside Of HD

football-78394_640Industry: 2016 Super Bowl – $5 Million For 30 Seconds

Some say the Super Bowl ads are more interesting than the actual game. Especially when you are living in a country where American Football has never reached great popularity, it is very likely that you can answer the question which companies ran commercials but not which teams were playing.

Apple changed the Super Bowl advertising game forever by creating a true milestone with 1984. The well-known commercial for the Macintosh, which was directed by Ridley Scott, established advertisements as an art form but also raised the bar high.

When you look at the 2015 Super Bowl commercials you will find – like the years before – lots of funny spots, celebrities doing cameos and special effects worthy of a blockbuster movie. Despite all the effort it is unlikely you still remember them next year. It is shame considering the costs of running a spot.
Next year will be even more expensive according to Les Moonves, chief executive of CBS. The price of a 30-second spot then rises to $5 million.

So instead of spending cash on celebrities and special effects, maybe this is a good time to focus on great filmmaking and storytelling again? By the way, 1984 cost $900,000 plus around $1 million airtime. [1]


football-606235_640Industry: The Importance Of Image Rights In Football

In June 2015 Cristiano Ronaldo announced his business deal with Peter Lim. The six-year image rights deal is supposed to raise the popularity of the Ronaldo brand, especially in Asia where Lim’s company resides.

Image rights are an important issue for Footballers, even for those who are not heartthrobs like CR7. Kevin-Prince Boateng just failed to strike a deal with Sporting Lisbon over his image rights*. Details were not disclosed. [2]

*Update: Augusto Inacio told the press that Boateng failed the medical check.


58811Trending: Photos “Burned” On Skin

Photographs, in short, are images painted with light. That is why everyone should be able to build a rudimentary photo-taking apparatus like a pinhole camera.

Thomas Mailaender, an artist from France, went a step further by choosing skin as his light-sensitive surface. These sunburned images were created with negatives of old photographs and a powerful UV ray.
You can find the artwork of Mailaender in his book “Illustrated People”. [3]


money-860128_640Read: Why High Def Is The Prop Masters Nightmare

One of the most interesting reads I stumbled over in the past months is “How High Def Is Changing Your Brain – and Driving the Prop Master Crazy” from Maria Bustillos. It gave me that light bulb moment, not because it explained the world to me, but because I have never ever thought about it.
Does High Definition make our film experience less cool?

When thinking about HD movies, we usually have great documentaries in mind, where the audience can count the leaves on a tree because of the sharpness of the image. Or close-ups of actors and actresses showing every detail of the face.

What we do not have in mind is the hard work HD means for the Property Master, who is responsible for any props in a production. Why? Because seeing every detail means seeing every detail. There is actually an industry for good fakes, produced for movies or commercials.
What they should not be too good at is creating fake money. In case you ever wondered about either the money shown in a movie is fake or not, read the whole article on Bloomberg Business. [4]







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