Woman With Car, Removing Reflections From Photos, Vintage Microstock & Hip-Hop Photography

Woman With Car, Removing Reflections From Photos, Vintage Microstock & Hip-Hop Photography

Topic: What Comes To Your Mind When Thinking About “Woman With Car”?

If stock photo agencies were male, we would call them shallow. At least, if following search results are representative.

When Oliver Baroni, editor at Watson.ch, looked for an illustration showing „woman with car“, the stock photo agency he was browsing showed photographs like the one you can see on this page. What most of the pictures had in common were lots of naked skin, long legs, high heels, and as you can guess, no big size models.

But before losing all your faith in professional photographers (or humanity) you should be informed that not all “woman with car” photos turned women into pure sex objects. There were also pictures like the one where the obvious girlfriend drives her co-driving boyfriend nuts, and the other, showing a helpless woman whose car had a breakdown. [1]




Tech: Removing And Recovering Reflections From Photographs

A team of researchers from MIT has presented „a unified computational approach for taking photos through reflecting or occluding elements“. In short, Tianfan Xue, Michael Rubinstein, Ce Liu and William T. Freeman created an algorithm that can remove or recover reflections.

In order to get a clean image, the user needs to „scan“ the scene with a camera. The algorithm then automatically creates two photographs from this short film, one of the main scene, and one of the reflection. And while polarized lenses are also able to make reflections disappear, occlusions are still a problem. But thanks to this research team, it is now even possible to take pictures through fences.

It probably is a good thing that the algorithm does not yet work with still images. When it does, the internet will definitely bomb us with a new kind of “unfortunate reflection fails”. [2]




Industry: Startup „Light“ Raises $25 Million In Series B Funding

To date, the photography startup from Palo Alto has raised more than 35 million with the promise of bringing DSLR quality to mobile phones. One of their partners is Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer known for producing the Apple iPhone.

When plans for the 52-megapixel smartphone camera were made public months earlier, a working prototype was still missing. According to the latest press release, Light camera prototypes are now up and running. And Dave Grannan, CEO and Co-Founder, also promised to bring “more Light into the world later this year.” [3]


Courtesy: Light (http://light.co/)
Courtesy: Light (http://light.co/)


Crowdfunding: Vintage Microstock On Kickstarter

Currently there is a very little chance for the Vintage Microstock project to get successfully funded on Kickstarter. The goal of $250.000 is still a way off with no more than $271 pledged.

Based in Missouri (USA), Vintage Microstock, LLC was founded in 2013. Their collection of vintage photographs does not consist, as some (I did) might probably think, of public domain material. Instead the images, including image rights, were acquired through private acquisitions.

The image prices depend on the donation level and range between $10 (1 picture/$10) and $1 (10,000 pictures/$10,000) per picture. [4]


Read: Is Hip-Hop Photography A Vanishing Art?

DJBooth.net is not really the first address for people who are interested in photography. But one article written by Yoh is worth abandoning PetaPixel or Fstoppers for a moment and dive into the history of Hip-Hop Photography.

In his short essay Charles Yohkowski praises the works of Jonathan Mannion who created outstanding album covers like the one for DMX’s “Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood”. Or Danny Clinch who photographed probably the most iconic photograph of 2Pac. [5]


Photography: Kayaking With Cameras

A while ago, we had an article on transparent kayaks on our website which may seem a bit out of place for a photoblog. Nevertheless this piece has become one of the most favourite articles, especially in the summer time.

And we are not the only ones who link photography with kayaking. The crew of Photojojo chose the Buffalo National River to test the Polaroid Cube, the iPhone Super Suit (waterproof case) and the DryZone Duffle on a Kayak tour. Fortunately every gadget turned out to be really waterproof! [6]






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