Body Cams Vs. Live Streaming, Lumia 640 XL, Meteor Showers & Surfing On A Motorbike

Body Cams Vs. Live Streaming, Lumia 640 XL, Meteor Showers & Surfing On A Motorbike

Topic: Body Camera Proofs That Cop Killed An Innocent Man

It is well known that it is not unlikely, even dangerous, to have encounters with the police if you have the wrong skin color in the United States.

Samuel DuBose was therefore certainly not surprised when he was stopped on July 19, 2015 by a University of Cincinnati police officer. His crime: The front license plate of his car was missing. But why did Officer Ray Tensing kill him with a headshot?

Ten years ago, Tensing would probably got off lightly, because officials would have believed his self-defense claims. In 2015 the story goes out different, as a result of Ferguson and thanks to body cameras. In this case, the latter provided evidence that DuBose was an innocent victim and got Ray Tensing indicted for Murder. [1]




Topic: Live Streaming Apps Are The Body Cameras For Civilians

The best way to prevent police misconduct is using any camera at hand to document the situation. Nevertheless the camera cannot protect you from being approached, but rather raises suspicion and aggressiveness as PINAC reporters know only too well.

Cassandra Fairbanks covered the anti-police brutality protests in St. Louis on Periscope and was arrested along with other reporters and protesters. After Fairbanks status as a reporter was confirmed, she was released and able to post the video of her arrest. [2]


Industry: Farewell To The Windows Phone?

Daniel Bader’s article on “The state of Windows Phone” reads like a eulogy. He and other journalists were on a guided Alaska tour, invited to test the Lumia 640 XL.

And Bader liked the new flagship Windows Phone that has a great camera (13MP/F2.0) for a mid-range smartphone. What also stands out is the size of the 5.7-inch screen and the useful Lumia Camera App as the journalist writes.

The future of the Windows Phone does not look too bright these days and people might wonder if it is the right choice to jump on the Windows Mobile train.

But before we are all writing off the Windows Mobile “experiment” (as Microsoft did with the Nokia deal) we should give it another chance and wait for Windows Mobile 10. [3]




Photography: The Meteor Shower From 1833

If you believe that wishes can come true, last week was the perfect time to wish upon a star, actually a whole bunch of.

Between August 11th and 13th the Perseid Meteor Shower had reached its peak. The perfect time to take some shots of the night sky!
No need to be sad if you missed it because Perseid meteor showers occur every year. Besides PetaPixel reminded its readers of a much cooler event every one of us was missing: The meteor shower of 1833.

The 122 shooting stars per hour that could be seen during the Perseids of 2012 look pale compared to the 100,000 meteors per hour of 1833. And even though the first photo was taken in 1826, there is of course no photo of this historical moment.

Let’s make a pact: Next year we all use our wishes for a time-machine so we can travel back and make some pictures. [4]


Trending: Robbie Maddison Surfs Waves On His Motorbike

No wonder the newest video of Robbie Maddison went viral. It not only has a beautiful location (Tahiti) but also unbelievable stunts.

DC Shoes shared the 4-minute video “Pipe Dream” earlier this month showing Maddo riding his modified dirt bike on the water. According to the video description, it took Robbie Maddison nearly two years to create this stunt. The training obviously paid off for surfing waves on a motorbike almost looks natural in this video. [5]











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