iPhone Super 8, Selfies Meet Fashion & Chipmunk Wars

iPhone Super 8, Selfies Meet Fashion & Chipmunk Wars

Tech: Turn Your iPhone 6 Into A Super 8 Camera

Do you miss the good old times, when you had a viewfinder and a pistol grip on your video camera? You are definitely not alone with that feeling. The Logmar Super 8 and the Rhonda CAM are living examples of the undying love of Super 8 Fans.

With the Lumenati CS1 you can turn your own iPhone 6 into a modern Super 8. The smartcase, which was funded via Kickstarter, not only looks like a classic Super 8, it works like one. Just pop your smartphone into the CS1 and press the red button to record.

The pistol grip and the viewfinder of the Lumenati CS1 make filming over a longer period much more comfortable and – due to the weight added – steadier. Of course, the smartcase also brings its own cold shoe and 58mm lens mount. (The basic version of the Lumenati CS1 comes with a .45 wide angle lens.)

Customers who pre-order the Lumenati CS1 only pay $199. According to Lumenati the smartcase can be used with the coming version of the iPhone. [1]




Industry: Fashion Selfies – How Brands Can Make Use of User-Generated Content

In her short article „They just love taking photos of themselves“, published in Die Welt, Nina Trentman analyses how selfies can effect consumer behaviour. Especially the fashion industry benefits from bloggers who post pictures of themselves, wearing outfits which were sponsored by fashion companies.

The Munich-based startup Stylight demonstrates how a fashion e-commerce for the selfie generation could look like by cooperating with „digital influencers“ and engaging their own fashion-inspired community. [2]


Photography: Packing The Camera Bag With Susan Seubert

For most people, the summer season is the best time to plan an extended trip. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a photographic travel, being prepared prior to leaving is essential.

Award-winning photographer Susan Seubert shared her travel tips on explora. From using Google to find the best locations to downloading smartphone apps like Sun Seeker – if you are planning a photo trip yourself, you will find her advices helpul. Read the whole article here. [3]




Industry: Making Money With Livestreaming

Livestreaming apps are the tech industry‘s new Darling. And while Periscope and Meerkat are doing their best to woo new users, another competitor has probably found a business model to actually earn money with Livestreaming.

Hang w/ now offers a „digital tickets“ system for content creators. This allows them to charge viewers up to $50 for watching a livestream. Though it is rather unlikely that app users are willing to pay such high prices for user-generated content, broadcasters like CBS could use the ticket system to live stream exclusive events.

Revenue is shared between Hang w/ (10%), content creators (60%) and the distribution platforms for the mobile App (30%). [4]


Photography: Ewoks Vs. Chipmunks

Have you had enough of cute animal pictures? The internet is full of funny memes showing cats, dogs, pigs or even llamas „doing“ hillarious stuff. So if you have had enough, better skip this paragraph.

Chris McVeigh belongs to a new generation of photographers who made their name with Legography. But LEGO is not the only toy he likes to work with. When not constructing ornate LEGO scenes, the Canadian trains chipmunks. Well, sort of.

His Chipmunks photo series shows the striped rodents interacting with Star Wars figures. And the Force obviously is on their side. [5]

Fotos: Chris McVeigh





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