Fake Accounts On Instagram, “Aging Out” Of Foster Care & DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Fake Accounts On Instagram, “Aging Out” Of Foster Care & DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Topic: Fake Instagram Account Promotes Festival And Shines Light On Immigration

A few weeks ago, the Huffington Post was fooled by the fake Instagram account of a supposedly male migrant posting his journey from North Africa to Europe.

The account of „Abdou Diouf“ turned out to be part of the campaign for the Getxophoto festival. The organizers of the photo festival wanted to show how „we process and share images of displacement and migration in established media“.

Regardless of whether the Abdou Diouf story was made up, the anti-immigrant comments of quite a few readers, but also the obvious lack of journalistic research (not only Huffington Post, other media organizations followed), are in fact thought-provoking.

The ninth edition of Getxophoto takes place between September 3rd and October 4th. Needless to say that this year’s theme is “Travel”. [1]



Study: How Many Instagram Accounts Are Fake Or Inactive?

A study with the title „Instagram spam-bots and social media popularity“ found out that 7.9% of Instagram accounts could be fake. And we are not talking about the kind of fake account, were actual people pretend to be someone else (read above).

The Italian security researchers who purchased 20,000 fake accounts for this study, observed how spam bots behave on Instagram. Due to their findings, there should be lots of bots uploading videos or photos and following people on the social network.

The researchers also found out that 29.9% of users are quite inactive. Instagram did not want to comment on the study, according to Business Insider. Of course, it is not unusual for social networks to keep user numbers a secret. [2]


Topic: The State Of Ethics In Photojournalism

In this readable interview with Michael Kamber, PetaPixel discusses image altering in the digital age.
The renowned photojournalist recently created an exhibition about photo manipulation throughout history.

As interesting as the interview itself, are the opinions people shared about the issue. And as so many times before, the question of which kind of altering can still be seen as ethically correct has not found its final answer. [3]


Book: “Aging Out” Of Foster Care

In his book “Aging Out”, freelance photographer Aaron Fallon and others shed light on young people, who are in the process of aging out of the foster care system.

With the help of the “Alliance for Children’s Rights”, Fallon and his colleagues came in contact with the young people in Southern California. The photographers listened to their stories and created the photographs, that are now part of the book.

“Aging Out” is not only a wonderful book about eleven young people but also a non-profit project to support organizations that help foster children and adults. [ 4]




Tech: DJI Phantom 3 Standard

The (probably) most renowened provider of camera drones has announced a new entry-level product. The Chinese technology company DJI wants to bring drone photo- and videography to the masses with its new Phantom 3 Standard. The price: $799.

The drone comes with a 12 megapixel camera that can also record 2.7K HD video, a Wifi connection and GPS-based stabilization. Flying time is said to be 25 minutes.

DJI is not the only company trying to tap into new customer groups. In recent months, various crowdfunding campaigns touted for backers – with great success. [5]





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