How To: Plan A Night, Street & Food Shooting, Secretly Take Shots & Avoid Business Mistakes

How To: Plan A Night, Street & Food Shooting, Secretly Take Shots & Avoid Business Mistakes

Here is a compilation of the latest internet How-Tos that every (smartphone) photographer should read.


Photography: Plan A Night Shooting

„Your biggest enemy at night is the fact that there is very little light. “ – This might be common sense but when it comes to night photography, it is helpful to recall the simple things.
That is why the article on Vincent Laforet’s tips for better night photography is – even in its short length – an interesting contribution for all those, who have planned to go on a night shoot. If you are eager to know what a sugar packet can be used for, go to Lifehacker. [1]




Photography: Prepare Your Street Photography Trip

„Don’t photograph for the first several days.“ – Well, if you have not saved enough money to stay longer than two or three days, skip this tip and read the rest of The Phoblographer’s „How to Prepare for Street Photography in Another City“.
The tips provided are actually useful for all photography genres (studio excluded). [2]


App: Secretly Take Photos With Quick Camera

This is for the spy inside of you … or stalker?
In order to prevent creeps from secretly take photos of women, some smartphones come with native camera apps that do not allow users to disable the shutter sound. Of course, there are enough and free mobile apps on the market, that circumvent this limitation.
Quick Camera is a nice, small tool that can take a picture without launching the app interface. Instead, a picture will be taken just by tapping on the app icon. A great tool, not only for secret missions but also perfect in photo situations when every second counts. [3]


Video: Get Food Photography Basics

Another great How-To comes from finedininglovers, though it is actually just a link to a video where Izy Hossack is breaking all the basics of food photography down for you.
The best preparation to digest both – the website and the video – is eating as much as possible beforehand, otherwise the photos of will become a great torture. [4]




Business: Avoid Mistakes As A Pro

This How-To concerns professional photographers or amateurs, who are considering to go pro. Either it is the lack of the right insurance or the wrong pricing. These 5 tips published on PetaPixel will save you lots of nerves and Money.
By the way, the pricing question is probably one of the most frequently asked questions on the r/Photography. [5]


Tech: Get The Lumia-Feeling On All Win Phones

Even if Windows Mobile lacks the popularity of iOS and Android, the Lumia camera and its app has lots of fans. For those, who cannot wait until Lumia camera will be be available on all Windows Phones, Engadget encourages readers to go and try the app. But do not expect it to run smoothly since it is likely to have a few bugs. Or just wait for Windows Mobile 10. [6]






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