Photographing Emojis, Canon Brings Light To The Night, The Fuure Of Stock & Shooting A Red Bull

Photographing Emojis, Canon Brings Light To The Night, The Fuure Of Stock & Shooting A Red Bull

Real-life Emojis

If emoticons (short: emojis) did not exist, the way people virtually chat with each other would be totally different. Messengers like WhatsApp, Viber or Line could not draw millions of people if they allowed only text. It is not just because sending a smiling face is faster than writing „I’m happy“, or whatever is meant. Sometimes it is simply easier sending a pity face instead of „I’m sorry that I cannot be there for you right now – but I’m still there when you need me“.

The funny thing is that many emoticons are used wrong because – even though they are supposed to be universal glyphs – misinterpretation is very common. You would be surprised what some of your favorite emojis actually mean.

Hyo Hong, a New Yorker designer, created his own emoticons with photos of Cindy Sherman. The Cindy Sherman-icons can be downloaded for free on his Tumblr page, however her conceptual portraits could certainly leave question marks over your conversation.
Another artist who brought life to emojis is Liza Nelson. The art designer who lives in Los Angeles and calls emoticons „really quite stupid“ has created a photography series called „EMOJI IRL.LOL.“ with people, including herself, mimicking an emoticon-pose. And thanks to her, we might finally understand, what some emojis really mean.
Well, poop does not need explanation, doesn’t it? [1]


Foto: EMOJI IRL.LOL. by Liza Nelson (via
Foto: EMOJI IRL.LOL. by Liza Nelson (via


This Canon Is the Best Cam For Nightshots

As someone who still owns an old Sony Handycam that records on Mini DV Tapes, I often wonder why night vision has not yet found its way to every single digital camera.
Let’s face the truth – even though cameras are getting smarter, faster and smaller, the lack of light is still every photographers enemy. Normal cameras just do not „see“ in the dark.

Until now.

Canon is advertising a new camera that can take pictures in the dark – and this does not mean the greenish type of night pictures. The ME20F-SH has a maximum ISO of 4 million! Again: 4 million!
Unfortunately, we could not test the camera on our own, but the demo shots that can be found on Film and Digital Times are amazing.

But do not expect to find the technology that allows this new Canon full-frame camera to see through the darkness in your next iPhone. The ME2020F-SH will be available next year and cost around $30,000. [2]




A Brief History Of Stock Photography And Its Future

Even though some photographers see stock photography as some kind of prostitution, stock agencies thrive because their business model is reasonable.
Though the majority does not become rich, for many photographers selling their content through these websites brings in some extra money.

In her article „The evolution of stock photography“ Amber Leigh Turner looks at the history of stock photography. For those who do not know much about its history, this will be an interesting read.
Did you know stock agencies have been around since the 1920’s? [3]


Photographing The Red Bull

Many sports and adventure photographers dream of being part of the Red Bull family. Besides working with top athletes, it is almost impossible not to reach millions of viewers with photos of amazing (some call them crazy) stunts sponsored by the Austrian energy drink.

Garth Milan is one of the photographers who shoots for Red Bull. The sports photographer from California has studied photojournalism and has his own company called The Medium Creative Group.
He recently went on a photoshoot to take pictures of Robbie Maddison surfing the waves on his dirt bike. (We brought this story earlier.)

If you are interested in Milan, check this interview on PetaPixel. [4]







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