FAA Approved Paper Drones, Instax On The Rise & Vivian Maier’s Brother

FAA Approved Paper Drones, Instax On The Rise & Vivian Maier’s Brother

Legal: Paper Airplane Gets FAA Approval

Droneography is here to stay. And not the sky’s the limit but the rules of aviation authorities.
In the U.S., it is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that can determine the success or failure of drone manufacturers and commercial drone operators.

Drone law is a complex field as the FAA’s regulations on media use of unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) show. Tout court, either you are a hobby drone pilot or operating a drone for a news organization, you will need authorization when gathering news footage. Hobbyists, who just happen to come across news and want to sell them, do not require FAA authorization.
A legal reform to make life easier for drone owners, commercial and private, has yet to come, so if your business involves drones, it could help to get your law degree first.

Peter Sachs happens to be a drone pilot and a lawyer, and anyone interested in the topic of drone law should check his Drone Law Journal or follow him on Twitter (@TheDroneGuy).
Sachs recently was granted an exemption to operate the Tailor Toys PowerUp 3.0 for aerial photography and videography. What’s interesting about this permission is the UAV itself, for the PowerUp 3.0 happens to be a smartphone controlled paper airplane that was funded via Kickstarter. [1]




Industry: Is Instax The New Polaroid?

Who would have thought that Fujifilm’s Instax series would be such a success?
As a reminder: The Fujifilm Instax camera‘s design resembles a toy camera that is all but handy. And any special edition most likely includes Sanrio’s Hello Kitty in one way or another.

Yet, according to Imaging Resource (who got their data from Fujfilm) the Instax, more precisely the instant film, „is blowing up across the globe“.

Photography related news of the last months reveal that printed photographs could be the next big trend. With cases like Prynt, that turns smartphone into instant cameras, new cameras coming from Polaroid and dozens of mobile apps, which allow users to easily order photography prints. [2]




Photography: New Orleans A Decade Later

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the U.S, devastating 80% of the city of New Orleans.

Reuters photographer Carlos Barria captured the aftermath of Katrina and now, a decade later, went back to the same locations.
The before-and-after photographs show how much has changed since then. [3]


Topic: Vivian Maier’s Heir

Anyone interested in photography, especially street photography, is eagerly waiting for the legal battle over Vivian Maier’s work coming to an end. For as Ron Slattery, one owner of Maier’s negatives, puts it “you haven’t seen her best work yet.”

Since June 2014 an ongoing court case is trying o figure out who owns the copyright of the late photographer. Photographer and lawyer David Deal filed the case in order to prevent commercial exploitation by the various owners of Vivian Maier’s photo collection.
One of them is John Maloof, director of the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” and owner of the website vivianmaier.com.

The main question that is still unresolved is: Does a legal heir of the childless nanny exist?
According to DNAinfo, new clues about her brother could finally solve the mysterious case. But there is a hook, Charles Maier is buried in the Ancora Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery. And while this gives us some insight into Vivian Maier’s private life, the chances are still bad that we will see all of the existing 150,000 photography anytime soon. [4]




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