Photography Apps News: CameraV, MemoryMemo, Camera MX, CamSwarm & DUDR

Photography Apps News: CameraV, MemoryMemo, Camera MX, CamSwarm & DUDR

App: CameraV By The Guardian Project

cameravThe Guardian Project is your place to go, when it comes to securing your mobile privacy. The developer team receives funding from organizations such as the Knight Foundation, Tor Project and, and releases all software for free under an open-source licence.

Their privacy- and security-focused mobile applications, most of it Android-only, primarily addresses activists, journalists and people who work in high-risk situations, but of course is of interest for everyone looking for trustworthy software.

Alongside ObscuraCam, an app that anonymizes photos, another camera app from the InformaCam project offers some interesting features for mobile reporters. CameraV wants to make footage taken on a phone verifiable by adding additional details in metadata. And while this is a feature that most people do not necessarily need, the password protection and encryption service are valuable. [1]


App: MemoryMemo By MemoryMemo

memorymemomThis new camera app definitely has potential to differ from its competitors, however not for its camera abilities. The strength lies in its ability to organize photos and edit photo data.

Anyone used to manage large photo collections via desktop will hate the way a typical smartphone gallery automatically creates albums. For example, it just does not always make sense sorting by date.
And what is really missing is an easy way to edit file names.

This is where MemoryMemo comes in. After taking a picture with the app, it will let you add or edit what they call 5Ws (a registered trademark!). This stands for When?, Where?, Who?, What? and Why?. If location services in turned on, the When? will automatically be added but still can be changed manually. At this point, MemoryMemo might seem to you like a simple meta editor. It is not – it can record audio, either during the process of photo-taking or in the form of audio commentary afterwards.

The app itself still needs a lot of improvements. While testing I encountered some errors, especially with the camera. What I found useful is the ability to also edit data of existing photos. [2]


App: Camera MX By Appic Labs Corp.

cameramxCamera MX has been around the Android market for a while now. What many do not know is that Appic Labs belongs to MAGIX, the well-known German software publisher. An ideal prerequisites for a successful camera app?

In fact, an overall rating of 4,2 on Google Play is not too bad. And with the new “Shoot-The-Past Mode”, there is a good reason for new users to try it out (again).

When you turn this feature on, the camera will capture up to 3 seconds before the actual shot. So if you missed the perfect moment, you can rotate back and save the best picture within this time frame. [3]


App: CamSwarm By Yan Wang

CamSwarm is a “collaborative mobile photography platform” that is a “consumer-level substitute to professional camera arrays”.

No, these are obviously not the words of some marketing guy but the conclusion to a scientific project from Columbia University. To put it in a nutshell: Yan Wang, Jue Wang and Shih-Fu Chang have created a mobile app, which allows everyone to step into the footsteps of the Wachowski Brothers.
According to them, it only takes a QR code and a minute of time to let a group of smartphone users create the “bullet time” effect.

Unfortunately, the app is not available but if you are interested in the research, you can download the paper for free. [4]


App: DUDR By Arthur-Film Company

dudr„I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, uh His Dudeness, or uh Duder …“ – If you remember these lines, you will not be surprised by the developer‘s team mission to create „the hangover camera app for dudes“.

DUDR lets you create a photo album and send invitations to others who then are allowed to shoot a maximum of 24 photos within the next 24 hours. Only when the time is up, the album opens and will only be accesible within a 24 hour time frame.

Okay, Dude, let’s go bowling … [5]







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