VR Journalism, Inside A Camera Bag, Fotokite Phi & Pinhole Street Photography

VR Journalism, Inside A Camera Bag, Fotokite Phi & Pinhole Street Photography

Video: Experiencing The Syrian War In 3D

Alongside data journalism, virtual reality journalism is the topic everyone is talking about this year.

After twin earthquakes struck Nepal, the American media startup Ryot used immersive storytelling as a tool to let viewers visit the disaster area. Recently another media startup with the name Okio Report teamed up with the Syrian Media Action Revolution Team (SMART) to produce a virtual reality video of a Syrian war zone.

The video that can be watched for free on YouTube transports the viewers to Jisr al-Shughur, a town in ruins. While looking down empty and devastated streets, a female voice-over narration guides the viewers through the different scenes. The circle with the arrows can be used to pan around, but for the best immersive experience, the video must be watched with a VR headset.
Hopefully, this video will help to let people understand why so many migrants have no other choice but escaping their home country. [1]


Photography: Inside The Camera Bag …

PetaPixel, always good at polarizing the photo community, has a new “Inside the Camera Bag of …” series. Right now, the series contains just one article with many comments of readers who do not care about the insides of someone else’s camera bag.

However, anyone who ever wondered what other photographers carry around (that is actually my favorite question when interviewing), can let PetaPixel know who should be featured next time. Until then, see for yourself what PetaPixel’s Michael Archambault stores in his bag. [2]


Tech: Drone With A Leash Successfull On Indiegogo

Finding a startup that seeks funding for a new drone via crowd funding is a very easy task because there are just too many. In the eyes of many consumers that is a positive development, for drones are becoming increasingly less expensive.

Within 4 hours the campaign for the Fotokite Phi reached 110% of the funding goal of $300,000. The drone, as the name suggests, resembles a kite with its built-in tether. The leash is used to navigate the drone, which means that it can be controlled without needing piloting skills.

Though the Fotokite comes without camera (GoPro & Co. can be mounted) it is still a highly desirable product for photographers for the foldable drone can be easily stowed away in a bag.
The price for the Fotokite Phi starts at $299. [3]


Interview: Pinhole Street Photography

You may wonder how in the world street photography with a pinhole camera may work. Well, the outcome looks as you might expect from using long exposure at moving subjects.

Chris Gampat from Phoblographer talked to Jon Wilkening, a former banker who decided to quit his job for the love of photography.
Wilkening uses a Holga, which creates surreal street scenes that you may either find artistic or dilettantish. Judge yourself. [4]




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