Nikon Video Tutorials, Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit & Animal-vision Software

Nikon Video Tutorials, Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit & Animal-vision Software

Video: Learn Photography With Nikon India

As a beginner, you have several ways to learn photography. While physical books are successful still, paid and free online videos are a popular learning tool as well. In fact, the range of free online tutorials is so extensive that it is difficult to separate the “good” from the “bad”.

When the free tutorial comes from Nikon, you can at least be sure that the production quality is okay. Putting aside the knowledge that learning videos from camera manufacturers are no more than well disguised advertising they are nevertheless worth seeing.

Nikon India recently announced a series of DSLR tutorials compiled in 24 episodes. Buyers of a DSLR sales pack receive a free DVD containing all videos. But one does not have to live in India nor need to buy a new DSLR to get hold of the free tutorials.
All „Nikon School D-SLR Tutorials“ can be watched for free (in English or Hindi) on Nikon India’s YouTube channel, starting with basics like “Advantages of D-SLR – Session 1” and ending with episodes on portrait- or fashion photography. As a bonus, the viewer discovers the beautiful landscape of India along the way. [1]




Photography: Jane Long & Costica Ascinte

It is more than likely that you missed Jane Long’s exhibition at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale because, let’s guess, you neither know who Jane Long is – nor have ever heard about the BIFB. Well, thanks to fstoppers readers from around the world got to know the surreal artwork of the Brisbane-based photographer lately.

For “Dancing with Costica“ Jane Long transformed photographs from the Costica Ascinte Archive into colorful and surreal images. Acsinte was a Romanian war photographer, whose photos can be found on Flickr Commons.
And while some may call Long’s manipulations disrespectful, others might see it as an inspiration to do the same with old family pictures.
Limited fine art prints can be ordered directly on Long’s website. [2]


Gadget: Lensbaby Mobile Photography Kit
In case your smartphone camera lens is just not good enough for your needs, you can either buy another phone with a better cam – or try out one of the many lens systems companies such as olloclip offer.

The Creative Mobile Kit from Lensbaby differs from „normal“ smartphone lens systems insofar that it aims at creating special effects. The box contains the LM-20 sweet spot lens and the LM-30 reflective circle lens, which will turn your smartphone photographs into more creative images.
Mounting is easy for the magnetic rear cap can easily be installed on smartphones with either an iPhone mount or an adhesive stainless steel metal ring. You can find a full review from fstoppers here. [3]




Science: The World Through The Eyes Of Animals

Researchers from the University of Exeter have developed a new software, which converts digital photos to animal vision.
“Digital cameras are powerful tools for measuring colours and patterns in nature but until now it has been surprisingly difficult to use digital photos to make accurate and reliable measurements of colour. Our software allows us to calibrate images and convert them to animal vision, so that we can measure how the scene might look to humans and non-humans alike.“

If you ever wondered how honey bees or ferrets see our world, you can use this free software to find out. More on [4]






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