Sunday Photo App, Nexus 6P, Trucker Portraits & Copyright For Animals

Sunday Photo App, Nexus 6P, Trucker Portraits & Copyright For Animals

App: Sunday Brings All Your Photos To One Place

These two francophone guys want to help us sort through all of our online photo albums: Laurent Chenay (France) and Jean Friesewinkel (Belgium) have created Sunday, an app that connects to your Gmail, Picasa, Facebook and Dropbox folders.

The iOS application, which is currently in beta, creates albums from above mentioned photo accounts without storing them in another place. The original data stays untouched – which means, even when you use Sunday to delete pictures from an album, you won’t need to worry that they are lost.

“Deleting” is actually essential since Sunday does, if opted, even show Gmail attachments. Thankfully, the app simplifies the process through Tinder-like swiping: right to add photos to an album, left to archive photos.
Another useful feature is the sharing-function via email. Others won’t have to install the app in order to view an album and to add photos.
To get early access to Sunday, visit the website. [1]


sunday app


Tech: Huawei Nexus 6P

Forget about those two other smartphone producers with a model 6 for a moment and focus on Google’s newest premium device.

The Nexus 6P, a 5.7” smartphone made by Huawei, features the latest version of Android. The Marshmallow-Phone attacks its rivals with a WQHD 518ppi AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor, a 3450 mAh battery and a 12,3 MP (8MP front) camera.

And while a fingerprint sensor is barely worth mentioning, the USB Type-C port fast charger (10 min for 7 hours) is.
The price for the Nexus 6P ranges between $499 to $649 (EUR 649 -799) and it is available in Silver, Black and White. [2]




Photography: Sleeping Between Truckers

It is a fascinating photo project which the Norwegian Line Sondergaard has put together. For her degree in photojournalism she spent nights with truckers and created very intimate portraits.

The result is the online documentary-project “Time To Rest”, where – beside pictures and portraits – information can be found about truckdriving in Norway. The beautifully designed website is definitely worth a visit. [3]




Topic: Monkey-Selfie Copyright Battle

Last august we discussed the copyright battle between photographer David Slater and Wikimedia. The cause of the dispute was the selfie of an Indonesian macaque, which – according to Wikimedia Commons – should be public domain since Slater had not photographed the photo himself.

Recently PETA, the well-known animal rights organization, has re-opened the dispute claiming that the macaque named Naruto owns the copyright. The goal of PETA is to set a legal precedent for nun-human animal property rights. [4]







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