#Divorceselfies, IKEA Hacks, PetaPixel Podcast & Best Length For Online Videos

#Divorceselfies, IKEA Hacks, PetaPixel Podcast & Best Length For Online Videos

Trending: Divorce Selfies

Finally there is a „good“ reason to file for a divorce, well, at least if you are one of those crazy Instagrammers who are eager to follow every hashtag trend.

According to Quartz, the rise of #divorceselfies support the findings of researches that are not painting the common “end of the world”-scenario. A study from 2013 even suggests that women are „significantly happier following their divorce“.

And though we do not recommend a divorce for the sake of a stupid photo, sharing a #divorceselfie could – probably – help others confronted with a similar situation to see the silver lining. [1]


Hardware: IKEA Hacks

Next time your better half begs you to accompany her/him on an unnecessary shopping trip to IKEA, give it a go. Because, thanks to the large amount of websites dedicated to “IKEA Hacks”, every photographer is provided with a shopping list.

One of the best known hacks is using the ORDNING timer as a cheap time-lapse pan alternative. Hopefully, the Swedish retailer has no plans to change the design anytime soon since the timer is just the perfect fit to a photographers needs.
Another great idea is to transform the DRÖNA box into a laptop sunshade. Want more ideas? Go to this website. [2]




Podcast: Listen To PetaPixel

There is a new photography related podcast waiting for your subscription: PetaPixel has started its own radio show, which is aired twice-weekly.

Of course, the podcast – like the blog – offers photography news and could be the right choice for people who prefer to listen, instead of reading, to what is happening in the world of shutterbugs.
So far, there are eight episodes with topics like „Should Sex Offenders Be Allowed to Photography Children?“ and “Are Camera Stores Really Worth Visiting?”. [3]




Research: Best Length For Online Videos

Given the success of Vine, six seconds are enough for a shareable online video. At the same time, Instagram has decided to give up its 15 seconds limit for ads and will now allow 30 seconds. The question arises: What’s the best length for online videos?

The answer is not that simple because it depends on the content. For news videos the answer is, according to a 2015 study by the University of Texas and the University of Southern Mississippi, in average 2.08 minutes.
Not only do viewers of online news videos prefer longer videos, they also want good quality. [4]




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