Street Photography Rights, Funny Stock Photos & The Paxis Pack

Street Photography Rights, Funny Stock Photos & The Paxis Pack

Topic: Model Release For Street Photographers?

When it comes to image rights, the best answer is still: If you are not sure about the prevailing legal situation, do not publish a photograph. Especially so if meant for commercial purposes.
And though in most countries it is okay to shoot strangers in a street, it is common decency to delete a picture when asked to.

Amateur Photographer asked UK lawyer Charles Swan for legal guidance on street photography. You will not be surprised that he did not give definitive answer since it is all about the context.

For professionals it is more likely that a picture will be exhibited in some way, either for artistic or commercial purposes. A model release then is a valid precaution to avoid trouble. The lawsuit against the German photographer Espen Eichhöfer advocates the pro-model release stance. Still most photographers will agree that Eichhöfer, as an artist, has the right of exhibiting the picture of a female pedestrian who took legal action after seeing the photo.

Photographing buildings is also a common problem – if you are not living in a country where freedom of panorama is granted. You probably have heard that it is not a good idea to shoot the Eiffel Tower at night for its illuminations are protected art work. [1]




Crowdfunding: Photobombing Stock

Are you familiar with those moments when you as a photographer think: Why didn’t I come up with this idea? That’s what you will probably think after seeing the hilarious photomontages of Matt Vescovo.

The art director, who has a great sense of humour, uses Photoshop 6.0 to free the world from stereotypical stock photography by photobombing them. Or as he puts it: “I inject reality into an unreal world by injecting myself… I am the Stock Photobomber!“
The results have created a great buzz; unfortunately not enough fans to support his idea of creating a printed edition. Since his Kickstarter failed, it has gone quiet on Vescovo’s Tumblr. Let’s hope he has not given up yet. [2]


Photography: Creating Colored Flames

Most photographers are also part-time nerds who create gadgets out of home appliances, Holi powder out of food products and, as “The Backyard Scientist” demonstrates in a video, colored flames out household items.

Provided that you have the right collection of household chemicals, this could be a nice idea for your next photo shoot. [3]


Gadget: The Paxis Pack

Lots of camera backpacks have entered the market recently. The MT Pickett 20 is one of the less known packs you should have on your radar. The reason is the lower pouch that swings to the front (by use of an aluminum arm) when needed.
The „ARC Swing Technology“ was created by Paul Vierthaler, who wanted to have quicker access to his backpack without the need to take it off. Thus the Paxis was invented.

The MT Pickett 20 comes in black, blue and orange and costs $249. The swinging pouch („Shuttle Pod“) can hold up to 5 lbs. [4]








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