Backing Up Photos, LIFE, “Happy End” & Hasselblad CFV-50c

Backing Up Photos, LIFE, “Happy End” & Hasselblad CFV-50c


Study: How Do People Free Up Space On Mobile Devices?

SanDisk has published a study on user behavior in relation to mobile devices. The key questions were: What do people keep on their mobile device and how do they backup?

The study that was conducted among 1,000 iPhone and iPad users in Germany actually reveals that 73% of respondents see themselves regularly forced to delete data in order to create new space.
Photos and apps are most likely to be deleted. Why not storing them elsewhere instead? For lack of time (24%) and because they simply forget (23%) are common reasons mentioned.

By the way, the study also reveals that women take more selfies than men.

Of course there is a reason why SanDisk conducted this study. SanDisk wants to promote its iXpand Flash Drive, which can be used as a backup storage for Apple devices. The flash drive is available from 16 to 128GB and also allows the use of Apple’s fingerprint sensors. [1]



Film: „LIFE“

While German audiences already have the chance to watch the movie LIFE, the US release date is going to be in December.

The biographical drama LIFE, which was directed by Anton Corbijn, portrays the releationship of James Dean and his friend and photographer Dennis Stock, the creator of the most iconic Dean image.
Dennis Stock, played by Twilight-Star Robert Pattinson, worked at Magnum when he first met the young, not yet famous, James Dean.
The movie is also a story about the Golden Age of Hollywood and, probably, the heyday of photography. [2]



Book: Happy End

Thanks to the crowdfunding website Indiegogo the photo book “Happy End” could be published. With more than 1,000 backers this campaign was a huge success for German photographer Dietmar Eckell.

The photo-project showing “miracles in aviation history – 15 airplanes that had forced landings but ALL on board survived” is part of Eckell’s long term project on abandoned objects.

“Happy End” can still be ordered via Indiegogo and will we shipped worlwide. [3]



cfv50c-back1600x1120-1000x699Tech: Pimp up your Hasselblad

This gadget is definitely not for the masses – not for monetary reasons alone, but because you do need to own a classical V-System Hasselblad to use the CFV-50c.

Even if you are an owner of a 1957 model, this new device turns your treasure into a high performance digital camera. Offering 50 Megapixels (6200×8272), 34 minutes to 1/800 sec. shutter speed, ISO 100 to 6400, the CFV-50 – once mounted on a vintage Hasselblad – brings newest technology while the act of photo taking stays some kind of handicraft.

However, the $15,500 price tag will not drive too many people to the next Hasselblad store. [4]




[4] This $15,500 Device Turns Your Vintage Hasselblad Into a Digital Camera



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