Food Porn? No Thanks!, JPEG DRM, Reporta App & First Camera From “Light”

Food Porn? No Thanks!, JPEG DRM, Reporta App & First Camera From “Light”

Poll: No Pictures In Restaurants, Please!

The online reservation portal asked more than 400 guests about what they think of taking pictures with a smartphone in a restaurant.

Food porn, as we know, has become some kind of „virtual sport“ with millions of people snapping an posting photos of their meals, no matter where they are and what it is they eat. For some chiefs the picture-taking-hype has become a red rag so that it is prohibited to do so inside their domain. And most guests obviously agree for 54% of the respondents find them amateur food photographers a nuisance.

Since the subject has been brought up a few weeks ago, another question concerned the copyright of dishes. While 45% of the guests surveyed show no understanding for this, 84% of restaurant owners see it as a great and free way of advertising their food. [1]


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Topic: JPEGS with DRM?

It’s not only the Trans-Pacific Partnership that ensues a lively discussion amongst the photo community. Plans of bringing DRM (digital rights management) to the JPEG format has caught attention of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and everyone else supporting fair use and public domain.

But what do photographers, whose work could be protected through DRM, think about it? Casey Berner, writing for fstoppers, calls it a bad idea since anyone with Photoshop could suddenly become a licence manager. Others find DRM just inconvenient. What do you think? [2]


Photography: Urban Photography 2015

Instead of reading, just go to this website and see the winning images of the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition. Though all pictures are worth mentioning, I personally could not take my eyes of the photo “Dog Walker” from Johanna Siegmann. How many dogs are actually inside that car? [3]


App: IWMF Launches Reporta

The International Women’s Media Foundation has released Reporta, a free personal safety app for journalists.

The mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS devices, is aimed as a tool for reporters working in dangerous environments. It features an automated check-in system, an alert function and and easy-to-use SOS button.

Reporta is available in six languages (Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Turkish) and will, hopefully, help to decrease violence against journalists in the future. According to the CPJ 1,148 journalists have been killed since 1992. [4]




Tech: “Light” Finally Sheds Light

As Dave Grannan, CEO of the startup Light, promised: There’s good news for fans and investors! The L16, the first point-and-shoot camera with 16 lenses that will offer up to 52 Megapixels, can be pre-ordered for $1,299 until November 6.

For some, this could be a great disappointment since many expected to find Light’s technology in a smartphone device – especially because of its partnership with Foxconn.
Well, at least the camera will run Android and have Wifi on board. But is this enough for this price segment? [5]







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