Selfie-taking Machines, GoPro Awards & The iPhone 6s Camera

Selfie-taking Machines, GoPro Awards & The iPhone 6s Camera

Tech: Selfie-taking Vending Machines

If you were asked, in which country you would expect to find a selfie-taking vending machine, what would your answer be? Well, your first guess is likely to be correct.

Japan-based brewer Kirin will introduce the first machines of this type soon, offering free selfies to buyers. The vending machines were designed in cooperation with Line Corp. Its mobile app Line is the Japanese counterpart of free messenger services like the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat.

Naturally, the selfies can be spiced up with colorful backgrounds (if you know Japan or Line, you have a clue) and will be send to the customer’s Line account. And yes, if you really just want a drink, you can skip the photo-taking part. But don’t forget to check the screen – it will also flash earthquake alerts. [1]




Industry: Google Buys Startup Digisfera

Google has acquired the Portuguese startup Digisfera that specializes in 360-degree photography. The company, which developed PanoTag and Marzipano, will now become part of the Street View team.
Even though not many details about this deal have been published, one can speculate that Google, which recently introduced the updated Cardboard, aims at creating more VR content.

According to Digisfera, the 360-degree media viewer Marzipano is going open source, while PanoTag, on the other side, will not be continued. [2]


Awards: GoPro Wants Your Content

It was not hard to predict that GoPro would eventually launch a program that rewards users for their content. Now it’s there: The “GoPro Awards”.

Unlike others, the “GoPro Awards” are not the kind of theme-based annual photo contest, where people can submit (still) images with the hope of winning the grand prize. It’s more like an ongoing challenge, which is open to all users, from amateur to pro. Whether you have a photo, a raw or an edited video – if it is good, you have the chance to be awarded.

“GoPro Awards will grant up to $5 million annually to creators of content that emotionally engages, amazes, or excites — from extreme to mainstream moments, professional to consumer.“ [3]


Topic: How Good Is The iPhone 6s Camera?

Huh?, reading just the headlines of iPhone 6s reviews leaves me as the reader totally confused. If I had to sum them up in one headline, it probably would be “The camera of the iPhone 6s is the best ever … not really … yes! … no … it’s great”.

Here are just two examples of recent reviews. The first is from fstoppers, one of the top sources for photographers. Lee Morris, photographer and co-owner of the website, compared the iPhone’s video footage to footage shot with a Nikon D810s and a Nikon D750s. Nikonians stay strong: Morris not only found that both looked the same, but even worse, when taking 4K videos the iPhone rules. No wonder though, Nikon does not offer 4K resolution yet.

The second review comes from Gizmodo Australia. Here you can find juxtaposed sample images of the iPhone 6s, Moto X Pure, Galaxy S6 and LG G4 cameras. And though the iPhone 6s camera ist still great, it is, as Michael Hession states, no longer the “king of mobile photos”. He concludes: “[W]ith the few great Android phones out that have terrific cameras with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, the iPhone 6s stands as just one in a strong line of options.“ [4]







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