Make Your Photos “Paranormal” For Halloween

Make Your Photos “Paranormal” For Halloween

Book: Don’t Miss This Photobook Of A 4-Year-Old Photog

With a name like this, how could someone not become a star?
Hawkeye Huey is a 5-year old with a passion for photography. It is no coincidence that he picked up this as a hobby for his dad, Aaron Huey, is a photographer himself.

In April 2014, Huey senior took his then 4-year-old son on a trip and along the way, bought him an instant camera. Eighteen months later, the father-son-team not only had a collection of precious memories from various travels around the American West, they also had a bag full of instant photos. As well as thousands of fans who followed Hawkeye Huey’s photographic journey via Instagram. Reason enough to think about a printed copy.

In September 2015 the Kickstarter for the book went live and ended successfully on October 23, with 874 backers pledging $47.189.
The book with the title “COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS“ is published by Outsider Books (the publishing company of Aaron Huey) and will be available forthcoming April 2016. [1]




Video: All About UV Filters

Every DSLR user will, sooner or later, consider to buying a UV filter. Those who decide against it probably do not see any benefit filtering out UV haze because it is not visible to the naked eye. Others agree and still buy a UV filter as a way to protect the lens. But do you really need them?

Thanks to Steve Perry, there is an answer to all your UV filter related questions. If you are more interested in the UV haze filtering part, read following article. But if you wonder how good the filters protect your lens from damages, check this summary of Steve’s test video on PetaPixel. (You can have both by watching the video on YouTube.)

In brief, the answer is: Don’t drop your cam! 😉 [2]


App: Try This For Halloween

Some users of Night Vision Camera were disappointed when finding out that the app, published by Fingersoft, did not turn their smartphone into a full night vision camera. Honestly, how would you expect an app to do that?

So why do even talk about it? Well, Halloween is coming soon. This means, you can find lots of tips for creating “ghosty” photography. And using “Night Vision” is one of them.
Of course, the app will not work in total darkness. But with a well-placed light source here and there, you might create your own set of “Paranormal Activity”-styled images. [3]




Getty Images Reaches For The Stars

Getty Images will be the official photo content provider for „The Hollywood Reporter“ and „Billboard“.
Under the new agreement that was made public on Wednesday, Getty Images will be the exclusive credentialed photographer for „The Hollywood Reporter“ and the preferred credentialed photographer for „Billboard” on the red carpet and behind-the-scenes at the top award shows, premieres, industry parties and other entertainment events.







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