Which Smartphone Camera Is The Best?

Which Smartphone Camera Is The Best?

Tech: The Battle Of The Smartphone Cams

The myth of iPhone having the best smartphone cameras lives on. But with so many mobile phones trying to get a piece of Apple’s pie, who still has an overview and most of all, impartiality, to judge?

Nothing new so far: For years, Fujifilm tried to overtake Kodak, a die-hard Nikon fan will not admit that Canon has great cameras, too; and of course, analogue photographers despise the soullessness of the digital. The point is, in photography almost everything subjective.

However, comparing technical specifications is a useful starting point. Whereas a higher resolution does not necessarily equate to better image quality, aperture is indeed interesting for the supreme discipline: low light.

A few days ago, Notebookcheck.com has presented the ultimate smartphone comparison test, helpful for everyone who is curious about which smartphone flagship is best for photography. You guessed it – as expected, not one device rocks every discipline. Still, the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 proofed to be a serious threat to Apple’s domination.
But you will probably come to a very different conclusion after reading the full article. [1]


Film: Winslet To Play War Photographer

Lately, movies inspired by the lives of photographers have become some sort of trend.

The 2013 film “Tracks” adapted Robyn Davidson’s memoir about her nine-month journey across the Australian desert. Here, the actor Adam Driver perfectly embodies the young and aspiring photographer Rick Smolan, who documented Davidson’s trek in 1977.
This year, “Life” told the story about the deep friendship between James Dean and photographer Dennis Stock.

At least two more biopics are in the making. In March, it was announced that Steven Spielberg would direct a movie about war photographer Lynsey Addario. The movie is an adaptation of her autobiography “It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War“.
And recently another project leaked: Kate Winslet will star in a film about Lee Miller. It is based on the book of her son Antony Penrose, which tells the fascinating story of the former model who became a war photographer. [2]


Photography: Human-Trafficking In New York

When Xyza Cruz Bacani was selected as Human Rights Fellow by the Magnum Foundation earlier this year, she had the one in a lifetime chance to leave her life as a domestic worker behind.
However, her motives have not changed. The former domestic worker still portrays the harsh life of Filipino migrant workers. Not seldom of those who were lured to a foreign country with false promises.

Her latest photography project introduced her to the issue of labor-trafficking in New York. Amongst the people Bacani photographed were members of “the Florida 15”. A group of 15 Filipinos who were trafficked to Florida in 2008 and 2009 and eventually fled to New York. [2]




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