Find A Cheap Leica Here

Find A Cheap Leica Here

Industry: The New Leica Outlet Store

Great news are coming from Leica, at least when you live in Germany or have plans to visit the country in the near future.
In addition to the stylish Leica Store that is located in Leitz-Park, a new Leica Outlet Store will open in Wetzlar. People who are interested need to pay an on-site visit since the changing offers will not be made available online.

Even though this might be reason enough for you to book a trip to Middle Hesse, you should still consider waiting until 2017. By then the „Leitz Park III“ will be completed, harbouring the „Ernst Leitz Hotel“ and a new Leica museum.

For Leica-Fans from the US there is probably another way to get hold of a Leica bargain. The deals website Massdrop has announced a dedicated photography community, meaning if – for example – enough people vote for the Leica SL the manufacturer could be persuaded to offer the camera at a discounted price. [1]




Book: „War Is Beautiful“ by David Shields

Writer David Shields does provoke. Not only does he ironically (?) title his newest work „War Is Beautiful“ but Shields also, in an interview with, talks about his own „war-porn addiction“. But maybe we got it all wrong and David Shields is right when finding combat photographs aesthetically beautiful.

In „War Is Beautiful“ David Shields analyzes front-page war photography from „The New York Times“ and concludes that over the decades they became more and more beautiful while leaving documentary journalism behind.
The afterword comes from art critic Dave Hickey. [2]




Topic: How Many Pictures Of You Do Exist?

Rose Eveleth just published a truly readworthy article on „The Atlantic“ with the title “How Many Photographs Of You Are Out There In The World?“
And let me start by saying, Yes, the same question has bothered me but obviously not as much as it consumed Eveleth.

By taking into consideration that 675 billion photos are taken (only uploaded counted) per year, everyone will understand that there is – not yet – a satisfying answer. But at least the author tries and reminds us that we probably should think twice befor posting another selfie online. That is, if you don’t want Google oder some other “data hunter” to find the answer to already stated question. [3]








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