Marvel: The Future Of Drones

Marvel: The Future Of Drones

In a new video that premiered on YouTube on November 3, drone manufacturer DJI shows the Phantom X Concept.

The Chinese company apparently spared no expense to create some buzz and hired Chloe Bennet (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as their evangelist. In the video, the American television starlet is seen riding on a bike while the Phantom X drone tracks her, avoiding branches in doing so.
Another feature demonstrated is skypainting, using gloves that control two drones at the same time.

Of course, some of the features are not as visionary as DJI wants their viewers to believe. Object tracking and multi-angle shooting have already been suggested by different drone companies. There is also no clue how far the development of this concept has progressed. [1]



Industry: How Live Streaming Apps Can Grow Up

Meerkat and Periscope undeniably have become very successful apps but still their full potential cannot be utilised yet. Why is that so? The high price of mobile data and the availability of a decent phone signal are the two main reasons. A reminder: Facebook is trying to solve this problem by offering lite versions of their app and bringing internet to remote areas.

Another point is content. Getting users to follow live streams is only (exceptions confirm the rule) achievable with interesting, possibly exclusive, content. Extreme sports are of interest, considering the viewer numbers for the famous Red Bull videos.

“Extreme Sports Will Be The Killer App For Live Streaming” was the headline of an “International Business Times” article. But only – as indicated in brackets – “As Soon As Volcanoes Get Cell Phone Signals”. Here, author Kerry Flynn tells about Catherine Capon’s unfortunate undertaking of live-streaming herself swimming with great sharks. Of course, everyone with a bit of common sense would have predicted the outcome since transmitting wirelessly from underwater is a major obstacle. [2]


Website: B&H on Medium

One of the easiest ways to win new customers online is by creating content for your target audience. Therefore B&H Photo Video is expanding their online marketing efforts to Medium.
The publishing platform that can be described as the sophisticated place for blogging could grow a loyal user base since its founding in 2012.

The first, yet only, story on B&H Photo Video (@bhphoto) features photos from the CERN 2015 Physics Photowalk. The article written by Todd Vorenkamp gives readers a rare glimpse into the world’s largest particle physics lab. [3]







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