Samsung Rumors: Smartphone Killed The Camera (Star)

Samsung Rumors: Smartphone Killed The Camera (Star)

Only one year after the global marketing campaign for the NX1, which involved actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his production company HitRecord, the South Korean manufacturer struggles with its camera division. At least that’s what rumors indicate.

SamMobile reports that has not been updated since months and that personnel of the digital camera department has been moved to other divisions.
Though it probably just means that Samsung is “taking a break”, iDigitalTimes calls a possible future relaunch of the camera business not “too smart” because it is a “dying market”.

Of course, the problem may well be called “homemade” since smartphones like Samsung’s S6 are making digital cameras redundant. According to S_leak (@sleaknow) the next flagship will come with a 20 megapixels camera and RAW support.
None of these rumors have been confirmed by Samsung yet. [1]




Camera: Mary Ellen Mark’s Nikon FM2 On Ebay

In case you are looking for a vintage camera, why not buy a Nikon FM2?
Camera collectors will of course not be too enthusiastic about this “mainstream” camera which typically sells for less than $200. But right now you can find a Nikon FM2 on eBay which belonged to Mary Ellen Mark. The famous photojournalist who died this year was best known for her documentary photography of “difficult subjects”.

The auction for Mark’s Nikon FM2 (with a 28mm lens) will end this Saturday. It is sold by her estate and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 50% of proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross. [2]




Topic: Can Someone Love Photography Too Much?

You will probably reconsider your answer after hearing this story, which PetaPixel found on Apple Daily.

A woman in Taiwan recently filed divorce claiming her husband is too obsessed with photography.
In one case the husband – reportedly – asked the doctor to give their baby another vaccine shot in order to get the photo he wanted.

The love for photography can even have worse ends than a divorce. An English boy nearly killed himself for the perfect selfie. Danny Bowman spent so much time on creating the best picture of himself that he could not leave the house anymore. His obsession ended in a suicide attempt. Luckily, he survived. [3]







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