3 Infographics For Photographers

3 Infographics For Photographers

For beginners, who are used to the simple point-and-click mode of a regular (smartphone) camera, getting into DSLR photography can sometimes be frustrating.
When turning the flash on and off and knowing what ISO is for is all you ever learned, terms like aperture and shutter speed can seem frustratingly meaningless. Furthermore, beginner’s literature too often requires knowledge the rookie actually hoped to acquire. Isn’t there a simpler way?

Luckily, infographics – visual representations of information – are spreading the internet. For every subject an infographic exists. Such as the infographic dedicated to the “World Octopus Day” or “Weird Ways People Die In America”. So of course, there are also nice infographics for photography beginners.

KatchUp has put some effort into creating “The Complete Guide To Photography (For Beginners)”. If KatchUp doesn’t ring a bell: They offer private photo sharing and storage space plus a printing service for photo books. [1]



Infographic: Image Format Cheat Sheet

Lately, the rumor makes the round that the JPEG Committee considers adding DRM to the popular image format. If this is going to happen, many users will certainly look for an alternative. FLIF, the lossless and OPEN SOURCE image format could then gain more popularity.

FLIF? The rather unknown contender scores well in benchmarks. So has the time come for a change? Or should you consider PNG, GIF, TIFF or BMP? slrlounge.com gives you the answer. [2]


Infographic: Wedding Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Finally, we would like to share this beautiful infographic about wedding photography. Since wedding photographers are usually highly professional, they do not need cheat sheets like the ones mentioned. So this infographic is basically for potential customers.


Picturing Your Big Day
This infographic is provided to you by Shutterfly, the leading online provider of photo books, cards and home decor.





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