Join The Kodak Super 8 Contest

Join The Kodak Super 8 Contest

Kodak, the company which invented the digital camera, is celebrating filmmaking. Namely, 50 years of Super 8 filmmaking.

Ironically it was the invention of Kodak engineer Steve Sasson that lead to the demise of photographic film and thus destroying the traditional core business of the American technology giant. And with the transition to digital photography another Kodak icon vanished: Super 8.

But the film format still has loyal fans, with „Super 8“ director J. J. Abrams being only one of them. Anyone who would like to try shooting on 8mm nowadays will find the needed equipment online. And not just on websites like Pro8mm – even provides a small range of retro cameras.

The Kodak Super 8 Filmmaking Challenge is seeking submissions now through December 21. Filmmakers can enter the contest for free by submitting Super 8 videos (maximum of 5 minutes) to one of the three categories: POV (fiction), Action (lifestyle) and Flashback (non-fiction).

Entrants can win up to $12,500 in prizes and have their clips be screened at the Slamdance Film Festival in January 2016. [1]




Industry: History Meets Future

Hasselblad and DJI have announced a strategic partnership. As part of the deal the Chinese drone company acquired a minority stake in the Swedish camera manufacturer.

“We are honored to be partnering with DJI, the clear technology and market leader in its segment,” said Perry Oosting, Hasselblad’s CEO in a statement.
And Frank Wang, DJI’s Founder, commented “With this partnership, we combine our strengths to further push the borders of what’s possible in imaging technology.”

Right now it does not look as if Hasselblad and DJI have plans for a joint product since both companies will continue to manufacture their products in their home countries and “will focus on their individual strategic directions”. [2]





Just recently we discussed the benefits of UV filters, or rather presented the answers of someone who is smarter than us.
So if this convinced you to put a UV filter on your Christmas wish list, maybe the X3 CPL should also become part of it.

The people from claim that the X3 is “the world’s sharpest and most neutral circular polarizer”. And sample photos taken with the X3 actually look rather good.

The polarizer will be available in 12 sizes and come with a 25 Year Guarantee.
A Kickstarter campaign for the X3 CPL is currently online. Early Bird prizes range from $89 to $149. [3]









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