The Disadvantage Of Using Stock Photos

The Disadvantage Of Using Stock Photos

Imagine yourself reading an article online and suddenly the accompanying photo catches your eye.
Usually this will only be the case when the photo does NOT fit in. Because even though illustrated articles generate more traffic, the pictures themselves most likely are ignored – except for bad ones.

Bad stock photography is a popular theme, especially among photographers. Probably because it has never been that easy to get hold of cheap or even free images. However, this also means that the same pictures appear on different websites. And sometimes this can be disturbing as the “Picture Prosecutor” uncovers.

So what can you do in order to not turnoff your readers? “You don’t have to rely on iStockphoto or Shutterstock—and, in fact, you probably shouldn’t.“, writes Anna Johansson and „When using stock photography, always tread with care. When in doubt, hire a photographer. You’ll probably be glad you did.“ [1]




Trending: Photog Rants About Wedding Guests With Smartphones

Photographer Thomas Stewart stirred some interest after ranting about wedding guests running around with their iPhones.

If you ever attended a wedding – or maybe just a big family gathering – you know the scene: Either it is your little brother, your great aunt or your grandpa, someone inevitably is going to whip out a smartphone or tablet in order to take some pictures. Of course, it has been this way since the camera became a consumer product. But back then, one person playing around with the camera was enough. Now nearly everyone is snapping nearly everything. And here comes the problem Thomas Stewart addresses in his Facebook post. No, the photographer is not afraid of competition. “The guests’ photos are usually crap”, the photographer rightly asserts, but “Guests with phones, iPads and cameras get right in your photographer’s way.“ And if this was not enough, they „get in YOUR way“.

The most important point, and anyone with a bit of common sense will agree, is that it destroys the moment when all your guests are busy taking and posting photos instead of celebrating with you. [2]




Industry: Jeremy Cowart’s OKDOTHIS Aquired By Eyefi

Surprisingly, SD card maker Eyefi has aquired OKDOTHIS. The photography community that – through its app – aims at inspiring people in their photography was created by none other than Jeremy Cowart.

The California based company Eyefi is known for its Wifi SD cards but also offers cloud services. “The acquisition expands Eyefi’s scope into a new area of digital photography: engaging directly with photographers to inspire creativity and the exchange of ideas.“ [3]







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