80 Million EOS-Cameras

80 Million EOS-Cameras

On November 10, Canon Inc. celebrated a new camera-manufacturing milestone: The production of its 80-millionth film and digital EOS-series camera.

The history of the “Electro Optical System” goes back to 1987, when Canon introduced the EOS 650. The 35mm camera was the first of a new generation of AF single-lens reflex cameras.
Another milestone was reached in the year 2000, with the announcement of the D30 – Canon’s first digital SLR.

Now you probably wonder what the 80-millionth Canon EOS was? It was an EOS 5DS R, Canon’s 50 MP full frame camera.




Campaign: WITNESS Wants Your #Story4Change

WITNESS, the international human rights organization that some of you may know for its “Human Rights – Year in Review” videos, has entered a partnership with Viacom.

Together, the media company and the human rights organization have launched the “WITNESS the Power of Story” campaign. “Our goal at WITNESS is not only to support people using video to promote social change, but also educate them on how to maximize the effectiveness of video,” said WITNESS co-founder Peter Gabriel. “Our partnership with Viacom will help many more people understand the importance of filming as a tool for meaningful change.” [2]


Gadget: Lima – Your Personal Cloud

In a not exactly humble way, the young startup Lima calls its product a „Dropbox-killer“. Can Lima meet those expectations?

Lima Technology Inc. was founded in 2011 and introduced the Lima, a small cloud device, in July 16, 2013. Only 5 days after the Kickstarter campaign had started, the Lima was sold out – reaching more than $1,200,000 funding.
Backers had to wait quite a long time to get their devices that turn any USB hard drive into a secure, private cloud.

The main advantage over cloud services offered by OneDrive, Dropbox or Amazon is privacy – and, of course, the lack of a monthly fee.
The Lima itself costs $99 and will finally be available on November 25.


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