More Women, Less Skin: PIRELLI Calendar 2016

More Women, Less Skin: PIRELLI Calendar 2016

Sorry guys, but it is very likely that your better half is going to keep your next PIRELLI calendar in her room. Nope, the famous tyre manufacturer did not decide to snap male models this time. The 43rd edition of the iconic calendar is still filled with women. It is about women. And it is shot by one particular woman: Annie Leibovitz.

Anyone who is familiar with Leibovitz (if not, you are probably on the wrong blog) will conclude that, when the renowned photographer is chosen for the job of creating a calendar that is known for glamorous nude portraits, the whole thing will come out quite different.
And thankfully, PIRELLI gave her full creative control.

So what can you expect from the 2016 calendar? Annie Leibovitz has decided to photograph thirteen influential women, from Yao Chen to Patti Smith, from Kathleen Kennedy to Yoko Ono. Only two of them, comedian Amy Schumer and tennis legend Serena Williams, are shown half-naked.

You can find some of the beautiful black-and-white images online, beside backstage shots and a Making-of.
However, one thing has not changed yet: As always, the PIRELLI calendar won’t be for sale. [1]



Industry: Selfies Saved The Camera Business

Actually, I wanted to put some question marks in the headline because this just sounds too weird. But the NIKKEI Asian Review indeed reports that “Selfies save Casio’s digital camera business”.
So finally the selfie, the most important yet most-hated social media “artifact”, has turned out to be good?

Considering that the decline of the digital camera business has a lot to do with the rise of better smartphone cameras, and that smartphone cameras are normally used to create selfies, it is ironic that the latter appears to be the saviour. But how?

Even though Non-Asians tend to deride digital cameras that are designed to help people take the perfect selfie, Casio was obviously right to step into this niche market. According to NIKKEI Asian Review these devices are “the main reason the company expects profit to hit 50 billion yen ($403 million) for the year ending March.“ [2]







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