The Camera Does Matter

The Camera Does Matter

Recently, photographer Nicholas Godden published an article on The Phoblographer addressing a much discussed topic. Does the camera matter in photography?

Most of us will promptly reply, depending on which side we are, “Of course, it does!” or “No doubt, it doesn’t”. And thinking further, we would willingly agree, the answer is probably not that simple.
At least, I’m sure that if you give me a Canon EOS 7D Mark II, the pictures will not be much better than if they were taken with a smartphone. And I also believe that Ansel Adams’ photographs could even look great if taken with a HOLGA, but what would his pictures be like with today’s D-SLRs?

Godden is right when stating: “Do not believe people who tell you the camera does not matter.“ The camera is still a tool, so “once you have reached a level where you are producing excellent work, there should be no guilt in desiring the best tools.“ [1]





Besides getting an updated logo, the very popular photography app VSCO has a new sibling. DSCO by VSCO (pronounced “disco”) is a free GIF-creator that is only available for iOS users.

For those who are not familiar with GIFs: Simple put, it is a file format that is used when turning videos into moving pictures. GIFs were popular in the 90s and now they are again, thanks to internet memes.

So is DSCO any good? First, it should be mentioned that there are lots of free GIF-creators on iTunes. And many of them have received a bad rating so far. The reviews for DSCO aren’t that good either but since it is a new player, this can be ascribed to bugs and the lack of a reasonable number of user ratings.
But why did Visual Supply Company decide to create a standalone GIF-creator instead of letting it be a VSCO feature?

However, VSCO fans will love the characteristic sleekness and the beautiful presets that DSCO offers. New users won’t need to create a VSCO profile – though it could be useful – since sharing to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is featured.

Another great alternative for creating artistic GIFs is Gifx by DNA Apps LLC. [2]








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