Instagram filters are becoming popular as baby names

Instagram filters are becoming popular as baby names

Lux, Ludwig, Amaro – You would not expect these names to be in the top ten of this year’s most popular baby names. And you’re right. According to Jackson and Sophia are once again King and Queen in the US, while the remaining top ten spots go to equally “ordinary” names such as Aiden and Ethan for the boys or Emma and Emily for the girls.

But still these names have sparked some interest (especially German speaking countries might wonder why Ludwig would become popular in the US) because they did make up a few places. The reason why the popularity of the name Lux is up 75% can be found on your smartphone. found out that names of Instragram filters are generally trending. Though there is actually no proof that parents were inspired by the photo app since one would have to ask – and they’d probably deny it.

So which name gives away an #Instagrambaby? Beside the abovementioned Lux that can be found on the lists of both, baby boys’ and baby girls’ names, the names Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin are gaining popularity. For girls, the names Juno, Valencia and Willow are trending.
Let’s see if Slumber, Crema or Pepetua can make it to the top next year … [1]




Christmas: Adorama Buying Guide For The Undecided

Anyone who struggles with gifting will find Adorama’s Gift Guide helpful. At least if the recipient has a thing for photography.

The popular camera store has curated gift lists organized by personality types, which include the photographer, the entertainment fan, the filmmaker, the tech lover, the outdoor adventurer, the audio enthusiast, the phone addict and the memory keeper.

In case you still need inspiration, check our gadget category! [2]




Photography: Winter Gloves For Photogs

Here is another photography inspired gift idea that can win you a photographer’s heart: The Vallerret Photography Gloves.

The Norwegian company offers 100% merino wool gloves, with a weather-resistant softshell, a non-slip grip and a SD card pocket. Most importantly, the thumb and the pointer fingers have hoods so you can control the camera more easily.

Unfortunately, the gloves will not be available this Christmas because the company still seeks funding on Kickstarter. [3]


vallerret gloves






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