This Is The Best Photobook Of The Year 2015

This Is The Best Photobook Of The Year 2015

As usual, as the year draws to a close, the best photobooks of 2015 have been picked by various instances. The Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards being the most prestigious prize in this field.
This Year’s “PhotoBook of the Year Award” went to Thomas Mailaender for “Illustrated People”.
Readers of this blog will perhaps remember us mentioning Mailaender’s extraordinary photos of sunburned images.

“Illustrated People” can also be found on TIME’s list of the best photobooks of 2015 as it was chosen by photographer Alec Soth.
Another favourite, selected by Susan Bright, Larissa Leclair and Erik Kessels, is “Moisés”. In this Mariela Sancari portrays men in their 70s in dedication of her father.

All winners of “The Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards” can be found here; the list of the best 36 photobooks, chosen by TIME, here. [1]




Book: „India“ by Steve McCurry

This book did not make it on the lists which does not mean it is not worth a look.
„India explores the lives of everyday people in extraordinary settings through the lens of Steve McCurry“. In an interview with, the renowned photographer talked about the makings of the book and revealed that it reflects 35 years of work in India.

Steve McCurry’s „India“ consists of 208 pages and 150 colour illustrations and is published by Phaidon. [2]




App: Lightroom Mobile For Android Now Free

Finally, Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile can be used for free on Android devices!
This is good news and feels like a peace offering especially for users who feel „betrayed“ by all the new subscription-based services Adobe.

Of course, with so many great competitors on the app market, Adobe’s decision to go free makes totally sense considering that Snapseed, Pixlr and others are not costing a single cent. [3]







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