Another „Carousel“ Shuts Down

Another „Carousel“ Shuts Down

Only a few weeks after Adobe announced the end of Adobe Revel (formerly known as Adobe Carousel), Dropbox informed its users that they will be shutting down Carousel on March 31, 2016.
Is this the end of standalone apps as some writers proclaim?

At least it can hardly be disputed that there is a visible trend toward killing unprofitable apps. Evernote got rid of Hello, Food and Peek. Facebook has no more room for Rooms. So it is no such big surprise that these two photography applications will leave the app stores forever. And it definitely shows that “photography” is a highly competitive market for app developers.

Users of Carousel won’t need to backup their photos for they are stored on the Dropbox cloud. With exception of “shared photos” which are not automatically saved. More info can be found in the Dropbox help center. [1]




Gadget: Prynt Cases Are Finally On Their Way

At the beginning of 2015 Prynt became everybody’s darling. To date, the company that introduced a smartphone case with an integrated photo printer is the most successful French company on Kickstarter and one of the 30 most successfully funded technology Kickstarters.

The Prynt case uses the ZINK printing technology (paper size 2×3) and can hold up to 10 photo paper sheets. The battery is good for 20 prints.
Cases are available in black, white, pink and blue and are compatible with iPhone 5 to 6 (not Plus) and Galaxy S4 and S5. For some backers this will probably mean that their newer (bigger) phones will no longer fit.

Prynt also offers an augmented reality app that turns every image taken through the app into a tiny video. [2]








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