Best Of 2015

Best Of 2015

Welcome back to our blog!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as we did and appreciate that you’re still following us in 2016.

And of course, we’d like to welcome new readers. Especially those who are photography newbies and hope to get inspired by joining our community.


The first major event for – but not only – photographers will take place between January 6-9. And we are already totally excited about what the CES 2016 will “bring” us. So until then, let’s take a look back at 2015 and your favourite stories.



  1. The Perfect Photo For Your Online Dating Profile


The year 2015 was the year of the dating app. And while Tinder became a globally recognised phenomenon mainly because of its swiping interface, location-based dating apps sprung up like mushrooms.

Naturally clever business people found ways to profit on this – and we are not talking about the data breach at Ashley Madison. We are talking about photography businesses that focus on the niche market of online dating photos. The websites, and are just three of them.

If you don’t have the money, don’t despair. In 2010 OKCupid analyzed user photos and came to the conclusion that a simple selfie is good enough. That is if you are a woman. Men tend to be more interesting when posing with a pet.

Here’s our full article: (Fast) eine Wissenschaft: Das perfekte Profilbild für Online-Datingseiten


  1. Transparent Kayaks


In the beginning of 2015 we published a piece on transparent kayaks which became a huge success. Until now it is one of our most read articles. We did not expect this because, well, a kayak is not really a photography gadget. Either our readers are as sports-mad as our team or you understood how cool a transparent kayak for a photographer can be … If any of you happens to actually own a transparent kayak now, we would really love to see your photos!

The full article: Gadget der Woche: Transparente Kanus und Kajaks



  1. Mobile Apps Against Police Brutality

Sadly, in 2015 racist, police brutality dominated the headlines. It often was the effort of citizen journalists that made these cases public. As a consequence mobile apps that record police misconduct have hit the app stores. For instance “Stop and Frisk”, a free smartphone application that records audio and video and allows users to report police interaction.

More apps can be found in the original article: Diese Smartphone-Apps helfen Bürgern dabei Polizeigewalt zu dokumentieren



  1. Photography For Left-Handed People


Thanks to Sylvia Cacciatore people became aware of the problems that left-handed photographers face. In her online petition Cacciatore asked Canon to reconsider the idea of developing left-handed cameras. Until now 3,000 people have signed her petition on – still not enough for a lefty revolution.

If you are left-handed or not being able to use both hands, check our article: Fotografieren für Linkshänder



  1. Gadget Of The Week: LucidCam


Our favourite “Gadget of the Week” of 2015 is definitely the LucidCam! The 3D/VR-Camera recently launched on Indiegogo and thankfully became a success. The small device is the first 3D, 180-degree made for people like you and me. Though it’s really hard to be objective with a CEO like Han Jin who is convincing and nice. 😉

Here’s the full article: Gadget der Woche: LucidCam – Die 3D-Kamera, die VR erlebbar macht