Gadget Of The Week: A Small 360 Degree Camera Called Luna

Gadget Of The Week: A Small 360 Degree Camera Called Luna



Where Visionaries Gather

Being a Singularity University alumnus or alumna either tells people you are pretty well-off or clever. The California-based University that also serves as a business-incubator and think-tank is a hotspot for visionary people. Unsurprisingly, since Ray Kurzweil – a leading representative of the theory of technological singularity – is one of its co-founders.


The Luna camera is the brainchild of SU alumni who want to take virtual reality to the masses. An endeavour many tech start-ups have made in the recent past.


What strikes one most about the campaign Memora Inc. has created on Indiegogo is the great promo video, which is not only captivating but also delivers any information the potential buyer needs. You might say that this is standard – unfortunately it’s not.



So What’s The USP?

Memora claims that Luna is the world’s smallest 360 degree camera but we wouldn’t be surprised to find a tinier camera sooner or later. And though this statement may not hold true, the Luna is unquestionably a cool, tiny gadget we would like to play with.


At close-up the Luna resembles the Death Star (here’s a link if you really don’t know what this is) but has the size of a billiard ball. It uses two spherical lenses with 4K resolution and a 5MP sensor to create 360 degree photos and videos and is operated by one button.

Also built-in is a gyro-sensor for stabilization and Wi-Fi for data transfer or live streaming. Additionaly, the Luna camera comes with a magnetic charger which also allows you to attach the camera to something metallic like a microphone. Last but not least, the Luna is wateproof.




When Is It Out?

You can still order the Luna at an early bird price while the Indiegogo campaign is running. The campaign already reached 245% of its funding goal and ends in 17 days. The Luna pack costs $299 and has an estimated delivery date of October 2016.


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