Gadget Of The Week: Nikon KeyMission 360

Gadget Of The Week: Nikon KeyMission 360


Not surprisingly, VR and drone technology dominated CES 2016 headlines. If we had to select a winner in the category “Big Surprises”, the first place would go to the Ehang 184 drone. However, we are not sure whether to call the 184 a drone as it can carry a human passenger. But this monster drone (or mini helicopter) was not the only presentation that caught us by surprise. In fact, there is so much cool new stuff out there to become part of our “Gadget Of The Week” series.


Nikon Becomes Hot

Our personal runner up in the “Big Surprises” category is the Nikon KeyMission 360. It is the first action camera by the Japanese company and should be compared to the Kodak PixPro SP360 rather than the popular GoPro Hero for it records 360-degree video.


The KeyMission works with two image sensors and lenses, leaving no place for a screen.

Naturally for an action camera, the new Nikon can handle dust and shocks and is waterproof (100 ft/30m).



More To Come

At this point there is not much information available about the KeyMission 360. What we know is that Nikon plans to enter the action camera market full force, the KeyMission 360 only being the first in the lineup. Nikon also announced an official release for Spring 2016.

A price was not mentioned but tech journalists expect a price tag similar to the GoPro premium cameras. (We found the KeyMission on the website of a German dealer at 999 Euro – the number hopefully being a place holder.)