Are Your Photos Memorable? Find Out!

Are Your Photos Memorable? Find Out!

From an academic point of view, digital photography has never been as popular as it is now – so it seems. In recent months we have read about the advantages photo filters do have (more user engagement) and that the media loves user-generated content but does not want to pay for it. The University of Texas and the University of Southern Mississippi have given the answer of the perfect length of an online news video (2.08 minutes) and the Photoin Photography School found out – in a less academic study – that 68% of adults edit their images before sharing them with others.


What Makes A Photograph Memorable?

In a more extensive study that was funded by the National Press Photographer Association (NPPA) and Poynter, Sara Quinn conducted interviews and used the method of eyetracking to find answers to the question of what makes a photograph memorable? Findings led to the conlusion that the “most memorable photographs had emotion, story, moment”.


Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have now published a paper that discusses visual memorability from another perspective. In “Understanding and Predicting Image Memorability at a Large Scale” they introduce LaMem, the “largest annotated image memorability dataset” (60,000 images).

And while the target audience for this research does not exactly consist of photographers, the findings could still be interesting. Most of all because you do not need to read (and understand) the text – thanks to the LaMem Demo anyone with a computer can find out if their photos are memorable.


Upload & Find Out

To try LaMem you can either upload your own picture or enter an image URL. For a quick test, you can also choose one of the example images provided by the website.

In our test – we uploaded a photo of our SellNews dogs – the memorability scored high with 0.822. Beat this! 😉




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