Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 2: Local Retail Stores

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 2: Local Retail Stores

At first look, this week’s photo theme may sound a bit strange but the topic is indeed relevant given the fact that globalisation causes structural changes in rural areas. At the micro level this can be observed through the local retail trade. More and more retailers are forced to give up business because online shops provide 24h access – beyond national borders.


A Vanishing Species

The odds are high that 9 out of 10 stores where you used to buy things at as a kid do not exist anymore. Either due to a name change – probably through a merger – or the lack of profitability. Do you remember their names? Or how they looked like?


When I was young there was a popular ice cream parlour with a nice café right in the centre of our village. Despite the perfect location it vanished years ago and the iconic building now houses a cleaner’s shop. I wish I had some photographs of the highly attended ice cream parlour or the sales counter with its delicious cakes …


So let’s get back to our weekly challenge.

Take a walk through your town and perceive how it has changed over the years. If the old corner shop from your school days survived, take a photo. If you are new to town find places that time has left nearly untouched. Be a hunter for local history. And don’t forget about the newer ones – they are gone faster than you think!



Take a picture of a local store, whether it’s outside …


.. or at the centre of your home town.


Shoot the facade …


… as well as the interior.


Of course, it won’t hurt to support your local retailer by spending some money. 😉


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