You Don’t Mess With The Photog

You Don’t Mess With The Photog

Earlier this month we learned how to stand out in the crowded field of listicles. It’s simple; just tell the public that professional photography has become obsolete.


Vogue Turned Into A Scapegoat

Vogue Magazine recently released an article titled “The 10 Wedding “Rules” to Break”. Contentwise not that groundbreaking for being a potential social media hit. This means, unless you are a keen Vogue reader or plan to get married soon, it just didn’t appear in your timeline. So why do we even talk about it?


The fourth point on the list questions the necessity of hiring a professional photographer because this only “made sense back in the olden days […] when the whole world didn’t have phones with cameras on them.”

Of course, this statement did not get lost unnoticed. I stumbled over vicious criticism on Fstoppers and Resource Magazine and certainly would have found even more if I were about to search. And – without wanting to take a stance – they were way more better reads than the listicle they referred to.




Do We Need Professional Wedding Photographers? –

That’s still the question. Don’t expect to get a satisfying answer; naturally most photographers will tell you “Yes“, unless you are a pro yourself. In this case, trying to be your own wedding photographer could bear creative fruits. (A good example: The wedding photos taken by Liisa Luts.)

A good reason for not hiring a professional is money because let’s be honest about this, instead of hiring a cheap photographer, having none at all is sometimes the better choice. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that higher prices guarantee higher quality.


Future brides and grooms should choose wisely for, ideally, they only have one chance to capture this precious memory. We often hear that brides regret not having had spent more money on wedding photography. However, younger generations might think different about it. Especially since many people just can’t afford a good wedding photographer. In this case social media and mobile photography are indeed great substitutes.