Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 3: Geometric Shapes

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 3: Geometric Shapes

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about geometry is the compass and the protractor I used in geometry class to draw perfect circles and lines. The second thing is Plato’s theory of Forms, a concept I read about in philosophy years later.


Tradition has it that following warning was inscribed on the door to Plato’s Academy:


“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter”


The same could be the motto for a photography class, as we know that composition goes hand in hand with geometry. (Those who never heard about the rule of thirds or leading lines should catch up on this.)


But for this week’s challenge we don’t want to go any further on this topic. Our plan is to work with geometric shapes that can be found everywhere.


A circle.


A triangle.


A rectangle.
A rectangle.


Now it’s your turn. Take your cam and find the beauty in geometry!