Gadget Of The Week: Camile Camera & GPS For Cycling

Gadget Of The Week: Camile Camera & GPS For Cycling

This gadget will awaken the athlete in every cyclist, even in those whose outdoor experience comes from conquering the urban jungle, for Camile combines a GPS bike computer and an outdoor cam in one device.




Against Chaos

Every cyclist with a bit sense for technology will sooner or later realise there’s not enough space on the handlebars, in particular on women’s bikes. In most cases, due to the curved design and the space already taken by gears and brakes, it’s already challenging to install the most important accessories, that is a light and a bike bell. Furthermore, having a cluttered handlebar not only looks ugly but can totally be annoying when needing to take stuff with you to prevent theft.


The Camile not only is another accessory that is fighting over a free place on your handlebar, it can also be used to free up space on your already cluttered bike.


Who Is Camile?

Camile is a GPS bike computer with a built-in camera. It comes in five different colours (Red, Yellow, Dark Grey, Green, Blue) and, at first sight, doesn’t look too different from a typical bike computer, though the dark display has a more elegant touch to it.



As A GPS Computer …

Camile comes with a built in GPS but also an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a berometer to record positioning, speed and altitude. The 1350mAh battery is good for 16 hours of use – when simply used as a bike computer.


As A Camera …

Camile offers a 2MP sensor and 140 degree field of view, while recording in Full HD, and features Smart-Editing and Time-Lapse Photo.

With a shooting time of 3 hours and built-in WiFi, Camile is social media ready.


As A Fitness Device …

Camile can also be used to create a training plan (set distance or time) and display incoming calls (BT 4.0).




Why Buy?

Of course, nearly every smartphone offers the same functions the Camile does. Plus their cameras tend to be much better. Then again, the Camile is better in capturing the ride itself while not necessarily draining the smartphone battery . Another argument in favor for the Camile is the cost: With an early-bird price of $89 it is not much higher than most GPS bike computers. And it is much lower than the price you will pay for a broken smartphone.


The Camile GPS bike computer with built-in camera is currently live on Indiegogo. The retail price will be $149.


More info on Indiegogo