$1.000.000 For The Photo Of A Potato

$1.000.000 For The Photo Of A Potato

Loyal readers of this blog know that we start each week with a challenge; a challenge with the sole purpose of getting you out. Some might laugh at the lack of originality of tasks like “photograph a tree”. But do we need to re-invent the wheel to be great photographers?


Photography, Art & Money

Photography is art, and art is highly subjective. Period?

It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that neuroscientists already know what humans find beautiful, even mathematicians found a formula (the golden ration) long time ago.


However, hard science is not the only place to look for the ultimate answer. Why not follow the money? – There’s nothing more serious, isn’t there?




The $1 Million Potato

Kevin Abosch just announced that he sold “Potato #345” for $1.08 million. For the photographer, who usually shoots more prominent figures, the biggest deal so far.

In addition to this extra pocket money, the now famous potato puts Abosch on the list of highest paid photographers, being the 15th most expensive photo ever sold. (Unofficially, it’s “just” place 16 since Peter Lik still claims that he should be part of the list.)


What sets Potato #345 apart from fellow potatoes? Is it his/her personality? Why can’t we make money with our food porn photos, aren’t our french fries good enough for high art?


The hard truth is, being the greatest photographer of all time doesn’t make you a top seller. (At least, Ansel Adams is on the list with “Moonrise”.) This leads to the assumption that the money spent on a photograph – in some cases – only reflects the bad taste of the buyer.

That is, if there is something like bad taste.


This brings us back to the beginning. Here’s another reason for accepting our weekly challenge: You never know if you will make the big shot.


More infos and photos (including Potato #345) from Kevin Abosch on kevinabosch.com