Gadget Of The Week: Kodak revives Super 8

Gadget Of The Week: Kodak revives Super 8

In the last years, we have read different stories about persons who want to save Super 8 as a film format – either through invention or true endorsement. (Surely by now it is clear that director Quentin Tarantino is the analogue film evangelist.)

So we always wondered why Kodak, the inventor of Super 8, treated the film format as an orphan instead of jumping on the retro trend. Instead others, such as Rhonda Cam, attracted hipsters with funky Super 8 cameras based on old Canon 310 XLs.

Until now …


Kodak Surprises With New Super 8 At CES!


Yes, it’s true. Besides organizing a Super 8 Filmmaking Challenge Kodak celebrates the 50th birthday of the film format with a new Super 8 camera. And the camera is not just a cheap copy or boring interpretation of a typical 70s analogue camera. The company really put some effort into creating something new that has potential to catch the attention of the digital-only generation.


Enough of words, rather than describing Kodak’s Super 8, we’d rather take a look on the first pictures. Let’s all hope that it comes to live soon.

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