Gadget Of The Week: Vuze – The Easy-To-Use 3D VR Cam

Gadget Of The Week: Vuze – The Easy-To-Use 3D VR Cam

It looks like the smaller version of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner but it’s something totally different: the Vuze. With its disc-like design the Vuze sticks out from the common ball shaped 360 degree cameras that currently tout for the interest of early adopters. But does the hardware also stand out?


While most VR gadgets are the brainchildren of young start-up companies, the Vuze is the product from HumanEyes, an Israeli company with expertise in the fields of 3D that was founded in 2002.

Still, the Vuze is the first attempt to enter the consumer electronics market. And HumanEyes promises no more than the “world’s first affordable comsumer 360-degree 3D VR camera”. (This may or may not be true.)


The Hardware

Since most cameras of this category are still in development it is impossible to make a meaningful comparison. The LucidCam, for example, calls itself the “world’s first consumer 3D VR Camera” but without offering the full 360 degree experience. The Luna camera, on the other side, is the “world’s smallest 360 degree camera” but lacks 3D.


The Vuze has it all: 3D, VR and 360 degrees. This is made possible by eight full HD cameras with ultra-wide angle lenses that are able to shoot 180 degrees vertical and 120 degrees horizontal.

The videos are processed nearly in real-time and come with a 4K resolution (30f/s).


Naturally, the Vuze is compact (12 x 12 x 3cm) and lightweight (250gr).




The Software

While competitors often just provide a rudimentary editing app, HumanEyes also offers Vuze Studios, a desktop software especially professional users will be interested in.


To view the video, users will need a simple VR headset and a compatible smartphone.




The Vuze will be available in four colours (Yellow, Red. Black, Blue) this August and cost $1,000 (including a Homido headset).