How To Take The Exact Photo Every Day – Without Tripod

How To Take The Exact Photo Every Day – Without Tripod

Finding an innovative photo app in the app stores is hard. Finding an innovative photo app in Microsoft’s app store is almost impossible.

The market is sated with photography related mobile applications but new ideas are seldom found. And if there are any, it is a good bet that iPhone users are served first – while Windows Phone users are not served at all. Would you believe that Instagram for Windows is still in beta???


We have good news: today we are introducing a photography app that is available for Windows operated phones. And its concept is exciting enough to make Android users (because there’s no version yet) envious.


win-projecttripodProject Tripod is the idea of software developer Jordan Knight who was looking for a method to take photos from the same perspective without needing equipment like a tripod. Hence, together with co-founder Catherine Eibner, he created Project Tripod – a virtual tripod predestined for timelapse images.


The concept is simple: When taking a photo through the app, the user sets up a virtual tripod he can then revisit. The app helps to recreate the same shot by using GPS and the photos already taken.

Of course, Project Tripod also includes a social feature. Other users can contribute to your tripod, vice versa, thus helping to build a database to create real timelapses.


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So here’s the bad news: Event though Project Tripod is free, according to the website taking unlimited photos per tripod and setting up private tripods costs $1.99 per year. (More restrictions can be found within the app.)