Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 6: Music

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 6: Music

The importance of colour in photography can be observed simply by using the tools photo editors like Adobe Photoshop provide. With a bit of experience you are able to adjust tone and colour so far that a photograph almost magically becomes more vivid.

It has never been as simple as it is today to experience the “magic” of colours. Most smartphone cameras come with a handful of photo filters, changing the look and feel of a snapshot with just one click.


For synesthetes colours play a different role because – depending on which type of synesthesia they have – they might taste, feel or hear yellow, blue or green.

Chromesthesia is (thanks to pop culture) probably the most heard of subtype. Individuals with this synesthesia perceive colours while hearing music. Pharrell Williams and Billy Joel are said to have this experience.


So what does this all have to do with our weekly challenge? Well, we would like you to think outside the box and find a motive that depicts music. This could be a wavy pattern, a colourful whatever or – if you’re not the abstract type of person – a musician. As always, the world is open for your ideas, so go out and take a photo of the beauty of music.


What is music for you?


Is it the instrument?


Or the musician?


Maybe it’s the medium?


Does it smell like lavender?


Taste like sweet strawberries?


Or make you feel warm?