Gadget Of The Week: Klikr – The Smartphone Case With Its Own Remote Camera System

Gadget Of The Week: Klikr – The Smartphone Case With Its Own Remote Camera System

The Klikr smartphone case is both nerdy and kitschy – hence, the perfect candidate on our gadget throne.

It is also one of those things one can describe by telling what it actually can’t do.

Guess, you’re all ears now?


In November 2015 the visionaries behind Klikr successfully ended their Indiegogo campaign and they are now in search for manufacturers. This of course means, we don’t know yet if Klikr will turn out to be as good as it seems. Hopefully it will for we really would like to play around with it. And here’s why:


What Klikr Can Do

The Klikr is a modular smartphone case with an elegant (well, tastes are different) design and an integrated 2.400 mAh battery. According to the product description it is the thinnest battery case on the market and has a magnetic charger that enables easier operation.


But the battery is more like the by-product and not the coolest feature of Klikr. It is the camera that makes Klikr “Smarter than your Smart Phone” because besides adding more megapixels and an extra flash to your iPhone 6 (s) or Galaxy S6 it is rotatable and detachable.




Also part of the “Klikr experience” is the built-in selfie stick (for the Klikr camera) with a 2 feet extension. Both detached, selfie stick and camera, become a remote controlled camera system using WiFi or Bluetooth and the Klikr App called Kapchaa.




When, Where & How Much

If everything goes as planned the first cases will be shipped in May 2016. The battery case-selfie stick- remote camera is priced at $249 CAD though early bird offers starting at $99 CAD can be found on the Indiegogo page.