Gadget Of The Week: Samsung Gear 360

Gadget Of The Week: Samsung Gear 360

Earlier this week Samsung „unboxed“ its new flagship devices, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Though both phones are technically just updates of the S6 series, previously missed features like IP68 certification, a micro SD slot and better battery performance are making the Galaxy S7 once again the biggest iPhone rival.


The Hidden Star

Next to Mark Zuckerbergs surprise appearance on stage, the Gear 360 had some real potential to steal the show. Those who saw the promo video possibly spotted this device which is worthy our attention.

MWC2016 - Booth Sketch
Samsung’s Own 360-Degree Ball

In our blog we already mentioned that the ball has become the preferred shape for 360-degree cameras (the Vuze is an exception to the rule) and Samsung’s Gear 360 follows that trend.

But unlike the other cameras, the Gear 360 comes from a company experienced in building cameras, thus potential buyers will probably be more willing to spend the amount of money.




The two F2.0 lenses capture the whole world around you, having each a 180-degree wide-angle view. Videos are recorded in 3840×1920 (30 fps) resolution, or 2560×1440 (30 fps) resolution in single cam mode.

Still pictures can also be taken, offering 30MP (2x15MP), or 5MP in single cam mode.


Though Samsung in particular doesn’t give away too much information on the Gear 360 page, the camera obviously supports WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC connections and comes with a micro SD slot and a removable battery. In contrast to the “companion phone” it is only IP53 certified which means that the camera is dust and splash resistant.




More info, such as price and availability, still needs to be leaked – until then visit the official web page.